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Jul 8, 2010 05:51 AM

Great Italian near Valley Forge?

My husband's aunt and uncle recently moved to Shannondell in Audubon. They are looking for a place to get good italian. I'm thinking they're looking for more of a white tablecloth kind of place than a dive with great food. Any recommendations I can give them?

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  1. San Nicola in Paoli is excellent.

    1. I swear by Osteria in Evansburg. Might not be as white tablecloth as they are looking for. but great italian.

      San Nicola in Paoli is a bit more upscale and would probably fit the white tablecloth bill.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions! I got more info on their preferences today - apparently they don't care what the place looks like... as long as they make great veal scallopini. They are quite elderly, and driving is tough so they would prefer to stay close to home. :)

        1. Valley Forge Pizza (on 23 going towards Phoenixville) would fit the bill. Easy to get to from Pawlings Road.

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            VFP is a very good restaurant. Never had a bad meal there

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              VFP is awesome! You should know it's BYOB, in case they want a glass of wine!

          2. closest to Shannondell would be Gino's in Jeffersonville (Less then 5 mins) good food, but there have been some recent posting about less then stellar service, but I have not experience this. The Osteria suggestion is also a good one and also close by