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Jul 7, 2010 11:46 PM

Tan Hung Bakery - GREAT French Baguette

I found this baguette at a local Mission grocery store - can't remember the name of it - on Mission & 16th Streets, on the side where the BofA atm is, next to the nursing home. it comes in the long baguette style and in a shorter version. The longer one comes in a wrapper that has an Eiffel Tower on it, and it says "BUTTER French Bread" on it. and it SMELLS like BUTTER. It is the closest thing i've found to the baguettes that are sold all over Little Saigon in Orange County at all the Vietnamese bakeries and bahn mi shops. Very light, crispy crust, fluffy, airy, yet chewy, and very flavorful inside, a tad sweet from all that butter. It's my favorite baguette (next to Acme's, which is a totally different animal). I buy it for my father, who has a hard time chewing semifreddi/acme/tartine-style, thicker crust baguettes, and he agrees this is the best he's had since leaving OC earlier this year. I haven't been to the bakery itself, which is apparently in Bayview, so I don't know what else they do, and so far I've only found the bread at this one grocery store - the rest of the Latin and/or Asian markets in the area sell the same flavorless rolls.

Tan Hung Bakery
1038 Revere Avenue San Francisco, CA 94124-3443 - (415) 822-8443

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  1. The store is Mi Tierra on Mission. The longer baguette is only $1.50. Bought two today that weren't as buttery-smelling, but still delicious. Fried slices of it in extra virgin olive oil still golden and topped with chopped heirloom tomatoes, slivered basil, fresh minced garlic, kosher salt. fantastic!

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      Is it a true french baguette or a Vietnamese style baguette (i.e. with rice flour)?

      1. re: gnomatic

        hmmmm, i don't know. I guess I consider it Vietnamese style, because it reminds me of the ones we could get in Little Saigon, but the last time i looked at the wrapper, i did not notice that it said rice flour - which i think i would have noticed, since i had never heard that they make baguettes with rice flour. it listed flour, sugar, butter, shortening, and a couple other things.

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          If you bought baguettes in Little Saigon, chances are they were from Bakers Of Paris.

          1. re: poser

            Little Saigon in Westminster, Orange County - not here. I like this bread even better than Bakers of Paris.

          2. re: mariacarmen

            The term baguette is used a bit loosely in the US. A French baguette should only have wheat flour, water, yeast & salt. Acme's rustic baguette is an example. I think Tartine's is a sourdough, as is Arizmendi's.

            Rice flour in Vietnamese baguettes gives it that softer, chewier texture. Try warming it up in a toaster oven..yummy bread in it's own right.

            3265 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland, CA

            1. re: gnomatic

              And yeah, i should have said "Great Baguette-LIKE Bread" in my title. I do agree that Acme's is more like what can be found in France. and this stuff is totally different, but yes, absolutely yummy in its own right. When i used to visit my parents in Westminster, i'd eat loaves of that bread, toasted, with butter, with braunschweiger, with jam, untoasted, with camembert, fried for bruschetta - you name it.

              I'm really curious now about this rice flour thing. Maybe I'll call Tan Hung Bakery.