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Jul 7, 2010 10:19 PM

Any "don't miss" eats en route to Winthrop/Methow Valley?

Hi Chowhounds;

We're camping out in Winthrop this weekend with the kiddos and plan to return late Sunday, which means a dinner stop somewhere between Winthrop and Seattle. Any don't miss options along 20 or back down I-5? (I fondly remember Cascadian Farms berry ice cream and shortcake in Rockport, but that's not really dinner!)

Any other chow rec's for Mazama/Winthrop/Twisp also welcome. Many thanks! Stay cool.


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  1. Hanks Grocery in Twisp sells its own smoked meats. It's been doing that for some time. Within the past couple of years it expanded, so its other offerings are comparable to a medium size suburban grocery.

    1. Don't leave Twisp without a visit to the Twisp Bakery!