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Jul 7, 2010 09:00 PM

dinner for 14-16 people in Saskatoon

Have a family dinner coming up. People range in age from 6 to 75. Most of them have conservative palates. In the past, we've usually ended up at the Saskatoon Station Place or the Granary. A Continental, European or Steakhouse menu would probably work best with this group.

What other restaurants would you recommend for a group like this?

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  1. Are there any upscale restaurants in Saskatoon focusing on local ingredients that are large enough to handle a group of 14-16?

    Would Weczeria be able to handle a group of 14-16 for dinner? I realize the menu is fairly sophisticated, but is it the type of upscale restaurant where you'll sometimes see some small children? Our group is mostly Baby Boomers, but there might be a couple toddlers in tow, and I wouldn't want our group to annoy other customers. When I tried to reserve Weczeria through opentable, it seems like the largest number of seats you can reserve online is 4, so I wasn't sure if most of their tables are 2s and 4s.

    What is the Victorian Steak and Seafood House like? They seem to be handle large groups.

    1. aroma in the radisson hotel has a private dining room with some creative and safe choices for young, old and in-between.

      I hate the Station place, the granary and victorian are really old school. Maybe try 2nd ave grill.

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        Thanks, ingloriuseater. Looks like 2nd Ave Grill has lots of safe choices for the conservative palates.

        I looked for an online menu for Aroma, but all I found was this description on the Radisson website: . Are there any specific dishes you'd recommend at Aroma?

        That's a strong opinion you have re: the Station Place ;-) I actually liked the food I've been served at the Station Place (where I've ordered yiouvarlakia, wings, Greek salad on different occasions) better than the food I was served at the Granary (where I've ordered the old school salad bar and the maple glazed salmon IIRC). The Granary isn't a great place for someone who doesn't like beef enough to order it. Mind you, everyone else seemed happy enough with the steaks they ordered! ;-)

        That being said, I'm hoping to try a restaurant I haven't tried before on this trip to Saskatoon.

        1. re: phoenikia

          its been a while since i was there but they had 2 outstanding dishes with local ingredients, the braised bison and the pickerel, both delicious. They also have woodstone oven pizza pie-they had one with double smoked bacon and figs that was my favourite.

          they also (or used to have) 1/2 pizzas on wednesday nights and cheap pints of beer.

          my problem with the station place was really poor quality meats and meat temperature. the service was timid and lacking knowledge.

          1. re: ingloriouseater

            Thanks for the recs at Aroma, inglorious eater.

          2. re: phoenikia

            Anyone have any recommendations for what to order for dinner at 2nd Ave Grill?

            Has anyone dined at the Victorian recently?

            For a group dinner with 10plus people, ranging in age from toddler to seventysomething, would you choose 2nd Ave Grill or the Victorian for dinner?

            What's your favourite restaurant for steak in Saskatoon?

            The Victorian Steak & Seafood House
            , Saskatoon, SK S7L 1H7, CA

          3. re: ingloriouseater

            Thanks for this rec. Our work group comes to Saskatoon every so often and sometimes we all fly over. We'll try Aroma next time!

          4. My pick would be Truffles as they really focus on seasonal local ingredients. However, it is slightly higher end so it may not please all. Plus I do not know whether booking a large mixed group there would be appropriate. You could ask! The food is excellent - they really know what they are doing. Truffles and Weczeria would be my top two Saskatoon restaurants.

            On second thought, perhaps 2nd Avenue Grill would be the most family friendly out of those mentioned. Perhaps save Truffles and Weczeria for another time!

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            1. re: chefathome

              I'll still hoping to try Truffles & Weczeria with a smaller group of 3 or so - and do the 10+ group dinner at a family-friendly resto ;-)

              1. re: prima

                Awesome! I think you will enjoy them both. The concept of seasonal local dining on the prairies can be sorely lacking to say the least so it is so refreshing to find places who practice it.

                1. re: chefathome

                  We ended up at 2nd Ave Grill with our large group, which was fine. Friendly, competent and quick service, and decent food. I liked my steak sandwich.

                  Had a disappointing meal at Calories with our group of 6. We somehow ended up with a newbie server who didn't seem to understand that a group dining with a couple 70somethings, a couple 50somethings, a 30something and a 3 year old probably wouldn't be happy if it took 3 hours to be served some soups and salads, followed by steaks/burger/ravioli/salmon/grilled cheese.

                  I had originally asked for a 7pm reservation, but the employee I spoke with insisted that we arrive at 6:30 pm. 4 of us arrived at 6:30, and were seated, and the other 2, driving in from out-of-town, arrived by 6:45 pm. After watching some walk-ins who arrived after us pay for their meals before we had received our mains, and after receiving a weak, vague answer from the server when we asked when our mains would be arriving, I spoke to the Manager to mention how disappointed I was. The Manager and Server kindly offered us complimentary desserts, to make up for the wait, but I had filled up on bread while waiting 2 hours+ for my main, so I didn't have room for the free dessert. Luckily, the 3 year old still had room for gelato. ;-)

                  I liked the heritage tomato salad, and the wild rice bread (which was in our 2nd bread basket, that we ate as we were waiting....), but the veggie raviolo was meh. Other people at our table were happy enough with the steaks, burger, salmon.

                  Hope to visit Weczeria, Truffles or Bliss next time I visit.

                  1. re: prima

                    My last visit to Calories was also disappointing on so many levels. Just not what it used to be.

                    However, had a lovely visit to Weczeria and Truffles last weekend! Having said that, I would still take Truffles over Weczeria if I had to choose. Weczeria has moved a short jaunt to Broadway now - it is about double the size. Still good, still eclectic, but it is not Truffles! This past meal was a bit pricey for what we had unfortunately.

                    1. re: chefathome

                      Thanks chefathome- glad you had some lovely meals this past weekend!

                      Even though I ended up dining mostly at family restaurants and a couple chains while I was visiting Saskatchewan (Four Seasons for a couple breakfasts in Saskatoon, pizza from the Mad Greek in Moose Jaw, dinner at Houston Pizza in Moose Jaw, several meals at Burning Hills Cafe in Rockglen, cookies at Valley Bake Shop in Fort Qu'Appelle, lunch at Earl's, and dinner at Greko's in Regina), have to say, overall, I lucked out with good food and friendly servers throughout my visit.

                      Houston Pizza
                      117 Main St N, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 0V9, CA

                      Burning Hills Cafe
                      1017 Centre St, Rockglen, SK S0H 3R0, CA

                      1. re: prima

                        That is awesome. Loved your review of the Qu'Appelle bake shop! Sounds divine.

                        1. re: chefathome

                          thanks! It was a great place- but I don't remember seeing any gluten-free baked goods, unfortunately! Interestingly, there was a gluten-free "home-made" pumpkin muffin on the breakfast menu at the Travelodge's resto in Regina! Didn't try it- but nice to see they offer some gluten-free products for their guests.

                          1. re: prima

                            Oh, that's interesting. I wonder how they avoid cross contamination but some places really do their very best. Thankfully the higher-end restaurants such as Truffles are very educated on GF food, preparation, service and so on.

                            Will tell my husband about the bakery, though - he would really enjoy it the next time he goes through the Qu'Appelle area.

                    2. re: prima

                      Does anyone have a recommendation for a not-too loud, family friendly restaurant for a group of 10, including kids, Gen Xers, baby boomers and seniors? We're looking for something less upscale and more conservative than Truffles or Bliss.

                      We could do Genesis, 2nd Ave Grill, Granary or Saskatoon Station Place again, but I was wondering if any other family-friendly restaurants have opened in Saskatoon lately.

                      How is Saboroso?

                      Thanks for any ideas.