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Jul 7, 2010 08:11 PM


I am going to Baltimore in a couple of weeks and am thinking of going to Obrycki's for dinner. What do the locals think of this restaurant? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Only tourists sent by concierges go.

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      And me. I have lived in Baltimore all my 54 years and go about once per year. It does get the tourest trade but I have never had a bad experience and I like their black pepper based spice mix. Others on this board report otherwise. Stick to the steamed crabs. That said, if you want crabs and can make it to Essex go Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn. Seems to be the concensus favorate with true local flavor.

      Bill's Terrace Inn
      200 Eastern Blvd, Essex, MD 21221

    2. i don;t live in baltimore, so that makes me a tourist. the crabs are tasty there. i like the blackpepper mix they use. there may be better more traditional places (and by maybe i mean there are) but there is nothing wrong with obrycki's either.

      1. Thank you very much everyone...but some responders who said it is a tourist trap didn't give me an alternative. That would be greatly appreciated.

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          are you looking for steamed crabs or seafood for dinner?

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            Steamed crabs or seafood dinner is fine...thank you.

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              Seafood dinner: Mamas on the Half Shell in Canton
              Crabs: Bill's Terrace Inn in Essex

              Bill's Terrace Inn
              200 Eastern Blvd, Essex, MD 21221

        2. I used to live in Balto and now live in VA. I always enjoyed the crabs at Obrycki's but note that their black pepper seasoning is not traditional and in fact is unique, so if you're looking for the "Old Bay" steamed crabs experience you'll have to go someplace else.