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Il Continori in Wappingers--Pleasant surprise

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After hearing some positive reviews about Il Continori (http://www.ilcontinorirestaurant.com/ ), DH and I decided to head out to Wappingers to check it out. It was simply lovely. The restaurant is definitely a little off the beaten path, but once we walked in, the ambiance really charmed us.

Once we found out about the Wednesday dinner specials, we were even more excited. They have a prix fixe menu (around $19) on Wednesdays. Tonight, you could choose either a house salad or a corn chowder (more on this deliciousness later), one of 4-5 entrees, and a dessert. You could also order any entree from the a la carte menu and get a free appetizer and dessert from the prix fixe menu. I thought this was an amazing deal. I ordered the Pollo al Continori for around $17 and got the house salad and almond cream with blueberries. I also ordered the calamari at an additional cost ($6).

I loved the calamari. It was crispy, fresh, and delicious. The salad...not so much. The balsamic dressing was great, but the tomatoes were wrinkled. It had obviously been prepared in advance and stuck in the refrigerator. DH's corn chowder was outstanding. It was creamy and had the perfect touch of herbs.

My chicken was great, but I was pretty full from the appetizers, so I wrapped most of it up to go. DH's shrimp scampi was excellent. He loved the sauce so much that he cleaned his plate with the bread (which was pretty decent...not hot, but ok). He also thoroughly enjoyed the broccoli rabe side dish.

The desserts were pretty good. I liked the almond cream, which was served with strawberries instead of blueberries, but the taste was too reminiscent of almond tofu (a popular dish in most dim sum restaurants). I preferred the texture of almond tofu to my dessert, but that is definitely a personal thing. DH liked his passion fruit sorbet. It was good, but I'm not a big passion fruit fan, so I'm not the best judge for that. I will definitely try either the creme brulee or the chocolate mousse the next time I go.

I really enjoyed our dinner...the service was a little slow, but it was nice to have a wonderful and relaxing meal in a charming space. I would highly recommend it...

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  1. Thanks for the review. I've been meaning to try this place since I live in Wappingers. I had heard it was good, but everyone always talks about Il Barilotto and Aroma Osteria and I haven't seen this place mentioned on CH before. Good to know about the prix fixe on Wed nights.