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Wine Store in DC

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Is there a particular wine store that you would recommend in DC? I'd like to give a gift certificate for someone who loves great wine. Thank you!

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  1. My dad is an oenophile and he visits MacArthur Liquor almost every time he visits. It's in the Palisades.

    I'd also try Cork Wine Market on 14th St if they're city folk.

    Cork Wine Bar
    1720 14th St NW Ste 1, Washington, DC 20009

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      I'd second the recommedation for MacArthur's. They probably have the best selection for someone who is into wine. Others might also suggest Calvert-Woodley since they also have a large selection, but I prefer MacArthurs.

      Another choice would be Bell's. While not as large as either of the other two I mentioned, they are very good about service and working with you. They also have access to a lot of good stuff.

      But my first choice would definitely be MacArthur's.

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        I think Schneiders on the Hill is the best in the city.

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          I agree. Look for Ben, the manager. He is fantastic and can help you at any price point.

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            Update: Ben is not there any more. You can find him at Maguder's at Chevy Chase Circle. He is a CIA trained chef so he is knows a lot about food and wine pairings.

    2. I would also suggest Bell's if you're downtown. The staff are a bit gruff, but the selection is good and hte prices fair.

      1. I'll second Weygandt Wines. It's probably one of the best, along with the Kermit Lynch shop in Berkley, CA, in the US.

        1. Good suggestions here, but if it's someone who doesn't have a car, a lot of these recommendations are a bit hard. I'm a carless city-liver, and would prefer Cork or Zola market for both convenience and style. They're more of a "special bottle of wine" destination, as opposed to a full-service liquor store.

          1. I'd add the following:

            MacArthur has a terrific selection and a broad range, but I've always found their staff very snooty. It's almost painful to spend money there ... but their selection really is as good or better than anywhere else in town. I think they've got the best selection of German wines in town.

            Schneider's on Capitol Hill also has a broad selection, but I think it's more limited than MacArthur (except for Australian wines, where I think it does a bit better). It's possibly the most cramped wine shop I've ever been in, and parking is virtually nonexistent. And for me at least, I think the temperature inside is usually at least 20 degrees too warm for storing fine wine.

            Calvert Woodley runs a strong second to Schneiders for most cramped shop. I'd put it behind MacArthur and Schneiders in terms of breadth of offerings.

            Weygandt is a terrific little shop, with a limited and eclectic lineup. Best selection of Austrian wines I've seen anywhere in DC (or in most other cities), and a lot of carefully selected producers that have reasonably narrow distribution. If your friend is a wine lover who's interested in tasting something unusual, this is where I'd go (and it's subway accessible).

            I've personally found the selections at Zola to be limited, uninspired and aggressively priced. Cork has perhaps the narrowest selection of all, but it's got a lot of interesting wines that are selected with care ... and they've also got lots of other gourmet treats in the shop. So it's another strong contender for overall experience.