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best breakfast in palm beach county

I have a habit of going to the same breakfast place all the time. I never branch out with this meal as much as Lunch/Dinner,that being said I go to boynton diner a lot maybe too much. does anyone have any suggestion besides John G's in lake worth. places like Howley's,farmer girl etc never been? whatever you think

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    1. Tom sawyers in Boca raton on Second Ave

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        I have not been there in 20 years they used to have something called breakfast in a pot or something like that I remember it being pretty good

      2. I have not been to their new location in Palm Beach, so let me know if it is still great.

        Eggsotic Bistro (Palm Beach; 561-478-3117) Breakfast is always a great place to start—and this little charmer is waking up the area with not-so-typical morning meals and lunches. Leonardo and Luis Espin, partners and owners, turn out crêpes, omelets and Panini as well as unique lunch specials such as a grilled salmon croque monsieur in the tucked-away spot.

        A variety of eggs Benedict, omelets and French toast are offered, along with the signature crêpes turned out by chef Leonard—former executive chef of Breakers West Country Club. In season, the daily special reflects what's fresh in the markets, the chef says. A coffee bar satisfies those who are just in for a cup of joe—it's also top quality - and the entire menu is available for take-out.

        1. I like "City Diner" on Dixie Hwy. It is between Southern Blvd and Belvedere. Almost across from the Dunkin' Donuts.

          1. Here are a few selections for good breakfast restaurants in palm beach. You can check them out at http://www.bestpalmbeachrestaurants.com.

            1. Ocean Ave Green Market Cafe
            2. Johnny Longboats
            3. Too Jay's Original Gourmet
            4. Cafe Boulud
            5. Hobos Gourmet Kitchen
            6. Jim's Place
            7. The Corner Cafe and Brewery
            8. John G's Restaurant
            9. Sailfish Marina Restaurant
            10. Testa's Palm Beach Restaurant

            1. In general I think breakfast is a complete waste of time.

              I suggest everyone skip it and go right to lunch where you can actually enjoy something interesting.

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                Not a bad idea! Although sometimes there's nothing better than a good breakfast: pancakes/waffles etc and some good bacon. But you are right: nothing beats lunch.

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                  I never eat out for breakfast and would rather save my money to eat at at lunch or dinner.

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                    dude there are a lot of delis that do eggs, bagel, homefries or grits, slice of tomato, c cheese and jelly, juice and coffee for about $3 all over Delray

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                      $3 is a deal...you can't even buy one Chik-Fil-A biscuit for that price. Breakfast in PB Gardens will run you $10 with tip on average. My budget only allows me to eat out around 6 or 7 times a month.

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                    thats because you limit yourself to breakfast food at breakfast, who decided you cant have lunch food for breakfast.... then you get 2 lunches :)

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                      I totally agree. Breakfast food is the worst. I never got the places that serve breakfast all day. Why order breakfast food when you can order something good to eat.

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                        everybody in the entire world partake in breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day, Mrs Bert Crumble said so as did my mom. However in places such Vietnam breakfast can be from the soup lady in Saigon or the local fish market. IMHO missing out on breakfast because of small thinking can force you to miss out on great breakfast. how about beef fajitas with onions,peppers and eggs mixed with eggs. I know a place here in Florida that does this well. Funny how what most Americans think in such single dimensions and not ................. worldwide

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                          IMO the best form of any meal is when it is replaced with breakfast!

                          breakfast for dinner is probably one of my favorite things.

                          omelettes, sausage, pancakes, waffles, gravy, biscuits, bagels and lox, oatmeal, cinnamon rolls, toast, jam, heuvos rancheros, crepes, muffins, tarts, quiches....

                          how could anything on that list sound bad???

                        2. CFByrne...I do have to agree with you...It's either Bacon and eggs, or eggs and bacon...I was never impressed with waiting in line for an hour at John G's...Ok...Let's skip breakfast and head to Hurricane Alley for a dozen oysters and the best fish dip in Palm Beach county for lunch.

                          1. I went to Howley's for brunch yesterday morning and it was awesome. The place was pretty packed and after a bit of delay a table was ready for our party of 6. The staff was friendly and the food was great and priced inexpensive like good diner food usually is. Their biscuits and gravy were a nice start. I also had an all American breakfast of scrambled eggs, homefries (nice and crisp!), bacon, and wheat toast. They had homemade blueberry and strawberry jam for my toast which were both very tasty. I also had a fresh made vanilla shake w/ banana. Would definitely make this a regular stop on the weekend if I lived in WPB.

                            1. You are all missing the boat.....Sequella....the best breakfast in Boca. The service leaves a bit to be desired. Try a large OJ too!
                              Cote de France is nearby pattisserie....try the coq monsieur. Great lunch sandwiches as well.

                              1. Once you try the keema omelette at the Pelican in Lake Worth you will crave it for the rest of your life. Also, the 'carrot cake' pancakes are awesome.

                                1. BTW... from PB Post...

                                  "JOHN G’S, the iconic eatery that anchored Lake Worth’s old casino building, has re-opened in Manalapan, in the former Callaro’s Prime Steak & Seafood space.
                                  John G’s: 264 S. Ocean Blvd., Manalapan. Phone: (561) 585-9860 "

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                                    CF do you still have to wait in line on weekend? I have always wanted to try John G's but did not want to wait in line

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                                      I have not been to the new location, but we drove past it last Sunday around 11AM (after breakfast at Dune Deck).

                                      Looking over from A1A, yes there did look to be a line - maybe 15 or 20 people but hard to tell.

                                    2. re: CFByrne

                                      How far is that from its previous location? My snowbird parents like it well enough besides the wait, as does this one-week-a-year visitor.

                                      1. re: Fibber McGee

                                        It's a just a couple of hundred yards south from old location. It's in a strip mall on the WEST side of A1A and the corner of Lake Ave - right across from the Ritz Carlton.

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                                          It's actually at A1A and Lantana Road, old location was at A1A and Lake Worth Road. Probably 3-4 miles South.

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                                            Correction: I think it may be called Ocean Ave. heading over the bridge, not Lantana Rd.

                                    3. I like Flakowitz, there is one in East Boca on Glades and Us1 and one in Boynton Beach. Traditional NY Jewish Style breakfast. Good Kinishes.

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                                        Flakowitz is awful. Dirty. The ceiling dripped on me in my last 2 visits and looks like mold. Paper-thin bacon. Matzoh ball soup is ALL carrots.

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                                            east Boca....but the food is the same in all locations. Does lack of great jewish deli food in PBC make one settle for Flakowitz? sad

                                      2. John G's is about one mile north of the old location... It is now on the corner of Ocean Ave. and A1A... I have tried John's G's quite a few times.. (not again) But. I never understood the big draw. I have only tried it during the week when the crowd wasn't so big... Really, Seriously... Now breakfast (in my opinion) is worth an hour long wait ,standing on the blacktop. I go to the beach. I have seen the lines.. Not me... For breakfast........... No way

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                                          I agree the first time i went about 15 yrs ago or so everybody is saying john G's this and John G's that,whatever I think waiting in line for an hour for breakfast is a bit much. I say go to Boynton diner food is better and maybe a half hour wait in Sunday if you don't beat the church crowd.

                                        2. Pita Grille in North Palm Beach is now serving weekend breakfast

                                          1. Wife and I had a really good meal at the new Spoon Fed on the ave in Delray Beach last Sunday.

                                            It was visually very attractive. Our service was excellent - prompt and friendly (that was a repeat of what I'd found at lunch 2 days prior).

                                            Wife had an omlet, I had a side of their special Hash and almond french toast.

                                            The hash is worth a trip alone, it's got char almost as if it was pulled pork - but it's from brisket and something else. Really fantastic. My french toast also excellend and was really enough for two. See photos.

                                            Friday afternoon I went for lunch and had an excellent chili special-burger (photo attached).

                                            Next to City Oyster