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Jul 7, 2010 05:33 PM

best breakfast in palm beach county

I have a habit of going to the same breakfast place all the time. I never branch out with this meal as much as Lunch/Dinner,that being said I go to boynton diner a lot maybe too much. does anyone have any suggestion besides John G's in lake worth. places like Howley's,farmer girl etc never been? whatever you think

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    1. Tom sawyers in Boca raton on Second Ave

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        I have not been there in 20 years they used to have something called breakfast in a pot or something like that I remember it being pretty good

      2. I have not been to their new location in Palm Beach, so let me know if it is still great.

        Eggsotic Bistro (Palm Beach; 561-478-3117) Breakfast is always a great place to start—and this little charmer is waking up the area with not-so-typical morning meals and lunches. Leonardo and Luis Espin, partners and owners, turn out crêpes, omelets and Panini as well as unique lunch specials such as a grilled salmon croque monsieur in the tucked-away spot.

        A variety of eggs Benedict, omelets and French toast are offered, along with the signature crêpes turned out by chef Leonard—former executive chef of Breakers West Country Club. In season, the daily special reflects what's fresh in the markets, the chef says. A coffee bar satisfies those who are just in for a cup of joe—it's also top quality - and the entire menu is available for take-out.

        1. I like "City Diner" on Dixie Hwy. It is between Southern Blvd and Belvedere. Almost across from the Dunkin' Donuts.

          1. Here are a few selections for good breakfast restaurants in palm beach. You can check them out at

            1. Ocean Ave Green Market Cafe
            2. Johnny Longboats
            3. Too Jay's Original Gourmet
            4. Cafe Boulud
            5. Hobos Gourmet Kitchen
            6. Jim's Place
            7. The Corner Cafe and Brewery
            8. John G's Restaurant
            9. Sailfish Marina Restaurant
            10. Testa's Palm Beach Restaurant