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Jul 7, 2010 04:20 PM

Pesce Italian Kitchen- Best Meal in Years!

Pesce has always been one of my favorites, but recently eight of us experienced the meal of a lifetime. We gave the kitchen carte blanche, and basically got a tasting of the entire menu. Everything was superb, with the exception of a slightly overcooked salmon, and truly blew away anything we have had in Portsmouth in years. Service remarkable, and the wine list matched the food.

Apparently on Sunday, there is an antipasto buffet of fresh local ingredients, followed by pasta and wine. All the pasta dishes were sublime, with special kudos to the gnocchi bologese and the carbonara, made with duck eggs.

Bravo for an exceptional meal among the many good restaurants of Portsmouth.

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  1. Yes, we ate there just after they changed the name. More low key in menu and service, but food is simple and back to basics. I think the menu to which you refer is their "Market Monday" where a lot of the produce comes from the local Saturday farmer's market. Here's a recent article:

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      Just read they have closed....trying to sell.