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Jul 7, 2010 02:20 PM

Mi Tierra in Tulsa. (Peruvian)

On the recommendation of a poster at I went for lunch today. Mi Tierra is a little restaurant and grocery store located on 81st just east of Sheridan next to the Hungry Howie's Pizza. The sign on the building says Gomez y Compania.

The store is clean, well lit and the staff were very congenial and helpful. I ordered the the Jalea, or the lady talking with me did. It was a traditional Peruvian seafood fry topped with pickled onions and large corn kernels (posole) and served with a nicely spiced dip. The fish was moist, the squid was mostly tender, the mussels were very good, the scallops were perfect, and there was other seafood. It was such a large portion that I didn't have room to try the flan.

So now I have a reason to return, I also want to try the ceviche, the empanadas, the arroz con pollo, and a few other items with names I have no idea what they are.

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  1. This is a wonderful place and would be considered good in Lima, Peru. I have written two long reviews about it:

    1. Totally first rate. Am new to Tulsa and I have to say that this is the best restaurant I have been to in town. Really world class.

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        I have to agree with all of you Mi Tierra is an absolute jewel. And many many thanks to Brian S for leading us all there. I'm donating dinner for 4 to Mi Tierra (with wine) to the LOOK auction to be held at the Tulsa Ballet headquarters on Dec 5th. The only ethnic food in Tulsa that comes close is IMHO Rio Verde.

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          I L-O-V-E Rio Verde! Great hole in the wall w/absolutely to-die-for food!

      2. Mi Tierra is still at the top of its game. I traveled 10 miles in New York to Chowhound top picks for Peruvian and they weren't even half as good. Tulsa's Mi Tierra offers expertly prepared renditions of recipes from all over the country, including 1000 year old Inca dishes from the highland and even banana-leaf-wrapped concoctions from the Amazon jungle, as well as the more refined dishes from Lima and the coast. The ceviche is impeccably fresh and delicious. A few days ago I dined in the elegant new dining room (prices are as low as always) and had one of those Lima dishes. Pescado a lo Macho, a filet of sea bass topped with a medley of shrimps, clams and mussels in a light tomato broth.

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          When they built the dining room I figured the prices would go up and the quality would drop - but no problem! Still just as good as ever.