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Jul 7, 2010 02:18 PM

Weekend brunch with infants in or near downtown

We are having brunch with out of town friends who will be bringing their infant twins along.

Not having kids myself and generally avoiding places you'd find them I am clueless.

So, we're looking for place where:

1) Is close to Randolph and Wells
2) Takes reservations
3) Great food - Organic, Local or Farm to Table places would be a bonus.
4) Serves liquor
5) Doesn't mind babies

Any help?


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  1. A lot of restaurants have a fair number of children of all ages during weekend brunch, at places where you would rarely see them at dinnertime. In fact, I can't think of a single place where I *haven't* seen children during weekend brunches.

    Atwood Cafe meets all of your requirements. It's a few blocks east of Randolph and Wells, accepts reservations on, has great contemporary/local food, and serves liquor. Yes you'll see kids there.

    Shaw's Crab House does, too. It's a few blocks north of Atwood Cafe, accepts reservations on, has great seafood, and serves liquor. Lots of families go to their Sunday brunch, which is a huge buffet.

    I've also had brunch at David Burke's Primehouse, although not since they revamped their brunch arrangements. They always have kids there. It's a few blocks north of Shaw's, so it's further still, but no more than a mile from Randolph and Wells. Contemporary cuisine, with steaks but a whole lot more. Reservations on