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Weekend brunch with infants in or near downtown

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We are having brunch with out of town friends who will be bringing their infant twins along.

Not having kids myself and generally avoiding places you'd find them I am clueless.

So, we're looking for place where:

1) Is close to Randolph and Wells
2) Takes reservations
3) Great food - Organic, Local or Farm to Table places would be a bonus.
4) Serves liquor
5) Doesn't mind babies

Any help?


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  1. A lot of restaurants have a fair number of children of all ages during weekend brunch, at places where you would rarely see them at dinnertime. In fact, I can't think of a single place where I *haven't* seen children during weekend brunches.

    Atwood Cafe meets all of your requirements. It's a few blocks east of Randolph and Wells, accepts reservations on Opentable.com, has great contemporary/local food, and serves liquor. Yes you'll see kids there.

    Shaw's Crab House does, too. It's a few blocks north of Atwood Cafe, accepts reservations on Opentable.com, has great seafood, and serves liquor. Lots of families go to their Sunday brunch, which is a huge buffet.

    I've also had brunch at David Burke's Primehouse, although not since they revamped their brunch arrangements. They always have kids there. It's a few blocks north of Shaw's, so it's further still, but no more than a mile from Randolph and Wells. Contemporary cuisine, with steaks but a whole lot more. Reservations on Opentable.com