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Jul 7, 2010 01:57 PM

Hutchinson Island Area Restaurant Suggestions?

We will be in the South Hutchinson Island area during September for a getaway. Does anyone have some restaurant recommendations to share? We are looking for something more on the casual side, but not the same old stuff - a creative chef is a wonderful find. A bar with a great atmosphere would be much appreciated too. Can go across to mainland as well. Any ideas out there?

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  1. maybe post this on the Miami board too, you might get some North Palm Beach suggestions/Stuart/Jupiter. The 2 boards have cut us off a bit from each other.

    1. 11 Maple Street in Jensen Beach is probably the best in the area. Creative chef been there forever, good wine list. Flagler Grill used to get some great press and was very, very good when we were there but we haven't been for about 5 years. The Riverwalk Cafe and Oyster Bar is a favorite of ours. Harbor Bay Gourmet (Sewall's Point) offers some interesting sandwiches. Its also a deli and wine shop and sells some serious gelato, too. Renato's in the same complex is dependable Italian. Conchy Joe's is on the water that's been around for years. Sort of a quirky seafood serving dive bar.

      There is nothing that isn't on the casual side in that area so that isn't going to be an issue.

      Flagler Grill
      47 SW Flagler Ave, Stuart, FL 34994

      801 12th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102

      11 Maple Street
      3224 NE Maple Ave, Jensen Beach, FL 34957

      1. I have just the thing for you: Pietro's on the River. Jensen Beach. Very imaginative. Good wine list. Folks used to be involved with Roddy's and Brick Wall. escargot with 4 cheeses is sinful. Crab cakes are excellent. $$$

        1. 11 Maple fits the creative chef requirement. It really is excellent. I would bypass Flagler Grill. I like Renato's for Italian (Shrimp Monachina is A+). In the same shopping center as Renato's (which is just across the bridge from S. Hutchinson Isl.) is Prawnbroker, which is a pretty good bar, and it is not the worst food you will have. Conchy Joes is a great bear with reggae music, but poor food

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            Prawnbrokers used to be a whole lot better than it is now. Which is why I didn't mention it but at one time it would have "made the list".

            I'm always surprised that there are more really good seafood places in the area. Most rely on cheap fried stuff.

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              Conchy Joe's is a great bar, not a bear

            2. There is what i assume is a new place called Artichoke i was there a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. I was not that hungry so i had light meal but the menu looked promising. Also there is a Pub called Carson that is very good j had lunch there and it was very good