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Jul 7, 2010 01:45 PM

Taste of Dallas

Has anyone ever been to the Taste of Dallas in Fairpark before? I am curious to find out the "format". It looks like it's $5 to get in, but then do you have to buy tickets to go to each vendor? How much does it usually run? Is it a tasting from each place or a full on plate of food at each vendor?

Trying to decide if it would be fun to go or not....

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  1. This is the first year doing it at Fair Park. The previous have been cash at the booth and are tasting plates.

    1. According to their web-site, no tasting will be over $3 which implies to me that each restaurant will set their own price which further implies no tickets.

      Has anyone recently been to Pierre's Mardi Gras Cafe in Arlington? I went several years ago when they were on Hwy 10 in (west)Euless - wasn't that impressed, but at the time, they were working out of a make-shift location with a limited menu. Just wondering if they've improved.

      Pierre's Mardi Gras Cafe
      2816 S Cooper St, Arlington, TX 76015

      1. I haven't been to the Dallas incarnation of Tatse in a few years, and besides the blazing heat Saturday afternoon, I thought it was a great event. Lots of people but the lines were fast and short. A great representation of restaurants were in attendence and like previously mentioned, nothing over 3 bucks. Kinichi had some wonderful ribs, pecan Lodge (caterer and Shed 2 at Dallas Farmers Market) had one of the best brisket tacos I have had in recent memory.

        I did not eat a lot as I had about an hour or so to blast through the booths. But Afghan Grill and Fedora were pretty damned good as well. Happiness of the day was seeing Terilli's. Photo attached.

        2815 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

        Afghan Grill
        17370 Preston Rd Ste 490, Dallas, TX 75252

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          Agreed that this year's had a good balance of locally owned vs big chains. I thought it was much more diverse compared to when it was in West End, and (as I'd mentioned to you), that's the reason I had initially been apprehensive on going. I'd recommend this event over Taste Addison.

          Afghan Grill was the star of the show. Stopped by their booth to pick up heaping servings of various flavorful stews, all over rice: sabze chalao came with spinach, kofta chalao with beef meatballs, and korma chalao with chicken. Spice levels were apparent, but not teardropping either. Haven't been there in quite a while but glad to know they've still got some awesome food, so this was a good reminder to keep supporting them.

          Here's some more glowing endorsements:

          I also really liked the doner kebaps from Selim's in Addison. If I remember right, they are the only US location of a German doner kebap chain. Driven past that place many times and never knew what they were all about until I walked past their booth to see them carving beef and lamb off a rotating spit to serve up some delicious street food. It was too hard to say no to the wonderful aroma of the meat.

          Afghan Grill
          17370 Preston Rd Ste 490, Dallas, TX 75252