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Sour cherries?

Anyone spotted any yet? Farmers markets? Stop and shop? Those have been my go-tos in the past. Thanks.

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  1. Hmm.. I think you're too late for sour cherries, at least locally-grown ones. I picked some nearly a month ago now. Fruit has been ripening incredibly early this year - like 3 weeks ahead of schedule. For example, blueberries have been ripe for over a week already -- unheard of in late June! Global weirding continues...

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    1. i saw them at the hamilton orchards stand at the copley square farmers market as recently as last week. i don't know if they still have them though

      1. I saw some at Whole Foods last weekend

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          Which Whole Foods was it? I was at the Hingham store last weekend and I didn't see any. It seems like specialty items like sour cherries vary from store to store, I guess based on what the produce manager thinks will sell.

          btw, I just called two Stop & Shops (Watertown and Dorchester) and they haven't had them in yet. The New York season is usually a few weeks later than ours so I'm still hopeful.

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            If they are still around Arax in Watertown usually has them.

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              I saw only Bing and Rainier cherries at Arax Thursday...

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              Michigan's season is still coming up too--I was up there last week and saw literally thousands of trees bursting with millions of sour cherries all hoping to live inside a pie.

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                It was the Whole Foods on Washington Street in Newton.

                On another note, I am from the midwest and grew up on fresh sour cherry pies. One summer when I totally missed the season in MA, I ordered frozen sour cherries from Michigan, already pitted, and have done so every year since then. It is so much easier to make a pie from already pitted cherries, and we now have cherry pie, year round.

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                  Are they the IQF type? Eg:


                  Sour cherries are to me the most emblematic fruit of high summer. And they remain the most seasonally restricted of our great fruits.

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                    The Whole Foods cherries were not IQF, but the ones I order each summer from Michigan or Wisconsin are IQF.

                    BTW, WF had fresh sour cherries from NY state yesterday, too.

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                      quick update if anyone's still looking - I got the last quart from the Washington St. Whole Foods yesterday, but since I was on a mission I tried the Walnut St. store (also in Newton) and they still several. After I picked up a few more they had about 4 quarts left on display (possibly more in back though I didn't ask). Definitely not in perfectly fresh condition but not too bad either.

                      I also called Russo's and they said they expect to have some in early next week - and they usually have the same supplier as Stop & Shop so that might be the time to check there as well.

            3. I was out along Lake Ontario in western NY over the holiday weekend, and sour cherries were just coming in (about 2 weeks early). Most of the supply we get here is from there. Wilson's usually carries them (call - they are used to getting called about them) and last year, TJ's carried the same for $1-2 less per package.....

              1. Costco had them last week.

                1. Just saw them on Tuesday at Dewey Square farmer's market, Kimball Farm stand. I am about to head out there again today and will let you know if they're still there. they've had them very spottily throughout the season. I had some and they were really great.

                  Kimball Farm
                  400 Littleton Rd, Westford, MA 01886

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                    P.S. Kimball Farm had sour cherries today again, but will probably not have them much longer. $4.50 per pint.

                    Kimball Farm
                    400 Littleton Rd, Westford, MA 01886

                  2. Saw pint baskets of sour cherries at Russo's this evening, but passed them over in favor of two pints of fresh wild blueberries.

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                      The season is over here. My neighbor and my trees were ripe the week before the 4th of July. At least 2 weeks early as with everything else this year. Could be Russo's, etc. are getting them from NY state or Canada.

                    2. My wife picked up a pint at the Arlington farmers market yesterday (not sure which farm or dealer).

                      1. Trader Joe's in Saugus had a lot this morning, $3.99 for a quart.

                        Trader Joe's
                        1427 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476