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Maple Syrup in Cocktails

Howdy Hounders,

Through a series of fortunate events I have found myself with a ridiculous amount (3 gallons) of Vermont grade A medium amber maple syrup. I have been working through my inventory, and despite incorporating it into at least two meals each day, barely a dent has been made. Now I'm starting to think of maple syrup as a cocktail ingredient.

I recall having a cocktail some time back with bourbon, maple syrup, and lemon juice. Seems to me that darker spirits would pair well (apple brandy, rye etc). But has anybody tried/made anything memorable with the stuff?


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  1. I haven't tried making it but have had this cocktail @ Vessel and it is delicious.

    Haven't tried these either but this link has been sitting in my bookmarks for some time

    You could also make maple pecans as a bar snack to go w/ them :)

    1. Absolutely fantastic cocktail imho, great for summer sipping.

      50ml Calvados/Applejack
      15ml each of lime, lemon and orange juice
      20ml maple syrup
      4 dashes Angostura
      1 egg white

      Shake well without ice, then well with ice and strain into a chilled glass with large surface area.

      Then, in an oil mister (or similar) combine Angostura and overproof rum in equal proportions, and spray over the cocktail through a flame to 'caramelize' the bitters. This should sit nicely on top of the foamy surface.
      You could probably do it without the rum, but a higher average ABV makes it easier to ignite.

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        Excellent ideas! I did a little experimenting last night and came up with something similar, though without the OJ and egg white, and with orange bitters instead of Angostura. I made maple pecans a few nights ago, and they went over well as sweet snacks with a bourbon aperitif.

        I was also thinking about experimenting with either a mezcal or a smokey scotch. The smokey + sweet combo seems promising.

      2. If you can make a dent in 3 gallons of maple syrup by making cocktails, you have either way more friends than I or a way bigger liver.

        The Cleirmeil from Beta Cocktails is fantastic, but it won't use much of your syrup:

        1. Here's a somewhat unusual one I noticed recently on Paul Clarke's site:

          He's got a couple other ones with maple syrup, including an Apple Jack Old Fashioned sweetened with maple syrup.

          1. i whipped this up a while ago. hmmmmm and now i may be whipping up another tonight

            Green Mountain Daiquiri (that's what i'm calling it tonight)

            old monk rum
            maple syrup
            orange bitters
            lemon juice

            1. Can't find an easy way to direct link, but also try searching for maple syrup as an ingredient on cocktaildb.com. Quite a few suggestions there.

              1. I would use it in any cocktail that calls for simple syrup, but use only 1/2 to 2/3 the amount called for. I've made tons of cocktails using maple syrup and think it can bring a great dimension in, but if it is a primary flavor it gets old fast.

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                    Based on a little weekend experimentation, it turns out that you're pretty much spot-on. The whiskey sour with maple in lieu of simple syrup worked very well.

                    2 oz bourbon (Bulleit)
                    2/3 oz. Vermont maple syrup
                    1/2 oz. lemon juice

                    Maybe it's more of a fall drink, or maybe it's just tough to drink anything other than gin and tonics in 100+ degree heat...

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                      I had a tasty cocktail at Boston's No. 9 Park that was composed of gin, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper... Could work in the summer?

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                        You've reinvented (that is a compliment, not a put-down!) the Maple Leaf, which is probably the drink that you mentioned in the original post. Exceedingly tasty.


                    2. I've been thinking about this as well but instead of the syrup I have a bottle of Cabin Fever, a rye whisky infused with pure maple syrup. I was tossing around a breakfast inspired Old Fashioned with bacon in the mix. Kentucky Breakfast anyone?

                      1. There's a restaurant here in Cambridge, MA called Hungry Mother that has a cocktail made with old overholt rye, 10 year ferreira tawny port, maple syrup, and bitters. While I've yet to visit Hungry Mother (much to my dismay), I know of the cocktail because I asked one of the bartenders at Drink to make me "something with port" and this is the drink they suggested, with credit to the makers at Hungry Mother. While they didn't tell me the exact proportions, here is my best guess (note that I have an unusually high tolerance for sweetness so adjust according to your taste):

                        2 oz. rye whiskey
                        1 oz. tawny port
                        1/2 oz. pure maple syrup
                        2 dashes Angostura bitters

                        It's quite good this way but worthy of further experimentation to find the ideal proportions.

                        There's also the Applejack Rabbit, from Jordan Mackay's article on apple brandy: http://zesterdaily.com/drinking/301-c...

                        2 oz apple brandy
                        3/4 oz lemon juice
                        3/4 oz Clementine orange juice
                        3/4 oz maple syrup

                        And the Apple Cider Cocktail, which I adapted with slight variation from the Williams-Sonoma recipe: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/recipe...

                        2 oz. apple cider
                        2 oz. Calvados
                        1 oz. fresh Meyer lemon juice
                        1 tsp. pure maple syrup
                        1 apple slice, cut side rubbed with lemon juice, for garnish

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                        1. One I've been working has rye, Meyer lemon juice, maple syrup and egg white: shake, shake, shake. The flavors work exceptionally well together. Not sure how common or available Meyer lemons are outside the bay area but if you want to experiment they have tart orange/tangerine/lemon flavor, much less acid than a standard lemon.

                          It's from a San Francisco bar, but I don't remember which one or what they called it. I read about in the local paper (SF Chron, which has an excellent drinks section). The love of my life has tagged it a Marlowe. Near as we can tell the name's not taken (odd, I thought) and the letters fit the ingredients.

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                          1. re: Gustavo Glenmorangie

                            This is the Rattlesnake, from a San Francisco restaurant called Beretta. It's delicious.

                            2 oz. rye
                            1 oz. lemon juice
                            1/2 oz. grade B maple syrup
                            1/2 oz. egg white
                            2 dashes Peychaud's bitters

                          2. hot apple cider, a cinnamon stick, maple syrup, and between 1 and 2oz of rye... its called the hairy beaver, compliments of canada :-)

                            1. Oddly enough, Macallan whisky put out a liquer called Amber, they discontinued it in the States, but if you have friends in the UK, it's still there. It's whisky infused with maple syrup, might be good in the process. It's certainly great over ice cream.

                              1. I have recently been experimenting with a few suggestions on this thread, and have quite enjoyed some of them so I thought I would revive it and see if there were any new ideas.

                                The ones I have like best were the Maple old-fashioned (especially with an Islay Scotch), the Whiskey Sour, and the applejack rabbit.

                                1. Not a cocktail, but if you like creamer in your coffee:

                                  1 cup heavy whipping cream
                                  1 cup milk
                                  1/3 cup maple syrup

                                  Heat in a saucepan stirring constantly until it start to steam. Add 1 vanilla bean and the innards from it (scraped), or 2 tsp vanilla extract. Let it cool, the pour it through a fine mesh sieve.

                                  You now have coffee creamer that will knock your freakin' socks off. :)

                                  1. I've been using it instead of simple syrup in my whiskey and brandy based drinks, simply because I've been too lazy to make simple syrup. Right now I'm drinking a sazerac with maple syrup. It doesn't taste overtly mapley. It works.