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Jul 7, 2010 12:17 PM

Blue Ribbon BBQ in Rockville?

The smoked hotdog, deepfried, and topped with bbq brisket sounds awesome.


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  1. Hi Monkey! I used to frequent the DCist boards and your commentary was a highlight for me. Anyway, I stumbled accross Blue Ribbon one day while looking for a spot to lunch. I think I just had a pulled pork sandwich with some sides. It didn't blow me away; in fact, I forgot it was there. I still prefer Urban BBQ. The hotdog does sound good, but how could it defeat the soul roll?

    Urban BBQ
    10163 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20903

    1. There was a positive review a few months ago right after it changed hands. I tried to go one day on my way home from horseback riding but found out the hard way that they close at 8 (lame!).

      1. BF and I have been there a couple of times. The fried and loaded hotdog is disturbingly good. The pulled pork and baby back ribs are good too. Owners are very friendly and fun. I would definitely go back there.

        Blue Ribbon Bbq
        7206 Muncaster Mill Rd, Rockville, MD 20855