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Jul 7, 2010 11:08 AM

Chili Peppers - YYC

Can anyone recommend some grocery/food stores where I can get some chili peppers?Don't need a whole lot...I have a Chili recipe that calls for 4 of them, and I'm doubling the recipe.

An East-Indian co-worker recommended Fruiticana and OK General Food store in the NE as two possible locations, but I thought I'd check on here also.

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  1. sobeys and superstore has a good selection ,also chongos at crossroads market.

    1. Depends on which kind of Chillies you are looking for. Any grocery store like Safeway or Sobeys would carry your standard Serrano type peppers. If the chilli is more exotic you might want to check out an Asian/Indian grocer as your co worker had mentioned.

      1. El Bombazo on 17th SE for all sorts of dried chillies.