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Jul 7, 2010 09:25 AM

ISO black lentils

Have tried Metro, Sobey's Rabba, Loblaws downtown - any place (pref. downtown) that you've seen them?

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  1. Go to the south side of the St Lawrence market, downstairs at a place called Rube's. He has all manner of lentis and legumes.

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    1. re: finelydiced

      Great idea, I've bought rice from there but didn't think of lentils/beans. Close to home too!

      Thanks for the Whole Foods suggestion as well :)

    2. Whole Foods' bulk section. I just bought a bag from their Oakville store. I assume they have it in Hazelton Lane location as well.

        1. Better Bulk, at Danforth & Woodbine sells them.

          1. I also saw them at Fiesta Farms yesterday. They are on the international foods aisle toward the back of the store.

            Fiesta Farms
            200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA