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Gazpacho in Manhattan

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Any suggestions where to get a good gazpacho in Manhattan?

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  1. sorry robo - i had to laugh when i read this.
    we had a thread last month of someone
    looking for mail order kosher crêpes.

    I just find it amusing when people ask about
    a specific food they can easier make kosher
    themselves, then find an eatery for.

    but, good luck anyway. my guess is a dairy
    or vegan place make it during the Summer.
    you could check a few online menus for it.


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    1. re: Joe Berger


      Not for home consumption. During the summer at work (in Manhattan) I often get a hankering for gazpacho...

      1. re: robocop

        Sacred Chow on Sullivan has a Juice Bar.
        perhaps a cucumber & tomato smoothie
        will satisfy your craving?
        you can always brown bag the stuff.
        most offices have an employee fridge.

        but I hear you.
        problem with Gazpacho is they usually
        add it to the menu during the summer,
        then online menus may not include it,
        so I guess you may have to call around.

    2. Where in Manhattan do you work? Circa makes gazpacho. It's not great, but it's not terrible either.

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      1. re: avitrek

        Midtown...I'll try it. Thanks

      2. The gazpacho at Park East Butchers on the Upper East Side is great.

        1. Fairway sells kosher soup in the fresh food section and they do make a decent gazpacho. Not much of a kick - just barely actually - which is fine to my taste. Quarts only. I also recall (though it has been about a decade), that Fisher Bros on West 72nd sold very good homemade gazpacho with a bit more of a kick to it. Also in quarts.

          1. Milk & Honey @ 22 West 45th Street is offering Gazpacho as one of their soup choices today. Can't vouch if its any good but I find their soups generally acceptable.