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Jul 7, 2010 08:27 AM

Venice Business Casual Lunch- Hal's or Joe's

I am setting up a lunch to sign a potential new customer and am looking for someplace upscale, but not stuffy and that has great food. It's a lunch on a Wednesday afternoon. Thoughts on Hal's V. Joe's? Food and atmosphere


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  1. Not even close - Joe's wins on food, atmosphere, service - basically everything.

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      Hal's is very casual and the drinks are good, as is most of the food. But it's one big open dining area/bar that can get loud. Lots of local business folks go here for lunch/linner/supper/dinner, and the drinks loosen the lips and the inhibitions.

      As poster krick mentions, Joe's has a very strong reputation for being good at just about everything one would want in a stylish restaurant, but they aren't overblown in any way. I think you'll find the dining areas will be more conducive to your situation as well. It's a little tight in there, but lots of folks go there for exactly what you're going there for.

    2. They are both solid options for lunch, but I prefer Joe's. The patio is very nice and feels upscale yet not stuffy, as you requested. Joe's is just nicer, with better food.

      1. My vote is for Joe's.
        I really like their daytime menu/service.
        Wasn't Hals closed?