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Jul 7, 2010 07:44 AM

ISO tropical or interesting ice creams to purchase by gallon

We are entertaining and I want to serve some exotic ice creams to complement this tropical heat. Any suggestions of places around WDC or close-in MA or VA where I can purchase some fresh, fruity ice creams by quart, half and gallon sizes?


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  1. York Castle (tropical) or Moorenko (exotic)in Silver Spring come to mind, as well as Giffords which this week had a blackberry ice cream featured.

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      1. re: nickdanger

        To clarify, the York Castle in Silver Spring (Ga. Ave.) is now called Tropical Ice Cream Cafe. There is a York Castle ice cream store on Hungerford in Rockville, across from Montgomery College. The owners were former partners or associates; you can read more about it on Chowhound.

        I far prefer the Rockville York Castle. The tropical and regular ice creams are delicious and the owner is very engaging. I believe he used to be the ice cream maker for the old Giffords.

        1. re: OldSchool

          Yes, I would go with York Castle in Rockville as well. I know that Cal does indeed sell by the pint, quart, gallon, etc., and he is indeed the original guy from Gifford's. Buying ice cream to take home there isn't exactly cheap, but this is a case in which you're getting what you pay for, and it is definitely worth it IMHO. My personal favorites among his "tropical" selections (in no particular order) are ginger (with nice chunks of candied ginger), mango (again with the chunks), and soursop (creamier than the others I think). The rum raisin may not be tropical, but it's pretty darned good too and packs a punch, if you know what I mean!

          BTW, I usually call ahead before I go as Cal is a one-man operation, and doesn't always stick exactly to his posted hours...

          1. re: jrbobdobbs

            Not trying to be picky here, but Giffords has been around forever (their web site says since 1938). Is Cal in his 90s, or was he a subsequent 'original guy'?

            1. re: kelewis

              Ok, let me "refine" my prior statement: Cal was making the ice cream at Gifford's in the late 1970s/early 1980s before they were sold and the recipies supposedly got garbled or otherwise changed (you can read more about that on another, older thread on this board). I did not mean to suggest that he was the very first person to make ice cream at Gifford's. I might guess that he's in his 60s BTW (and that's just a guess)...