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New Mexican Restaurant in Hartsdale

Passed by the old Oporto on East Hartsdale Avenue. New sign Vega Mexican Cuisine.
The place has been totally gut rehabed. Place looks great. Big glass doors and windows.
Interior all done over in vibrant colors. Large new bar (does not have liquor license yet).
Another restaurant in the chain owned by chef Shiva Natarajan. Was told opening this Friday.

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  1. I am very excited to have the opportunity to welcome Vega to E Hartsdale Ave. The building looks great, the interior is beautiful. The reports I have received from residents and friends about the quality of the food: excellent. Vega will be a great asset to our town and community.
    Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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    1. re: paul feiner

      Thank you, Paul Feiner, for your recommendation of this restaurant.

      1. re: anonymouse1935

        White Plains needs a good quality Mexican...

        1. re: kaaaassss

          Where Paul Feiner goes, I will follow.

          1. re: anonymouse1935

            I'm thrilled to know that Paul Feiner adds " restaurant critic" to his list of many skills...excellent. I have been looking to see if there any additional info there on this spot, but haven't found much.

            1. re: MRS

              I agree, who better to recommend a restaurant than Paul Feiner!

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                  The menu looks pretty basic, so I guess it will entirely depend on the execution.

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                    Looks like they charge, rather handsomely, for chips and salsa...

                    1. re: Marge

                      Charge for chips and salsa??????????????

                      What a hoot. You can't make this stuff up.

                1. re: anonymouse1935

                  I believe I saw Feiner wandering the restaurant Sunday night with a guitar singing "Cuando Calliente el Sol"...

                  1. re: foodlad

                    I love it. Very funny, foodlad.

                    P.S. I hope you're kidding.

          2. Ate there last night. Stylish place; welcoming, friendly service.
            Freshly fried chips and delicious salsa came to the table immediately. (I don't think there was any charge for this, @Marge.)
            Very veg friendly menu, critical for me.
            This is a nicer, more upscale iteration of standard Tex-Mex restos.
            Not cheap, but esp with the BYOB for now, I think it was well worth the money.

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              According to the menu, salsa is $5 and chips are $3?

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                I believe $5 is for 12oz of salsa (relatively large amount). I am guessing that is for takeout....

            2. Not a criticism of Vega, I am hoping it is a really good restaurant....The neighborhood could use one...

              However, a lot of the Indian restaurants in the area owned by the same crew are very sub-par...The list includes Jaipore, Malabar Hill, Rasa....I have been to all 3 and have had rather forgettable experiences...

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                The "Salsa Bar" is $5, and it includes a bunch of different salsas. The chips and salsa (both really good) put on the table are gratis.
                @gurud - agree totally with your assessment of those venues.
                I hope this restaurant does well because a) I liked it and b) I'd hate to see H'dale become a ghost town again. Been through that a number of times before. I live in S'dale (northern part) so H'dale is conveniently within walking distance. I support the small businesses in the area (altho Vega is hardly a one-off for this team). I think it's a benefit to everyone when the locals thrive. As long as they are performing, of course.

              2. My boyfriend and i went to check this place out sunday night and it was mobbed so we asked for a take out menu and they told us they were too busy to do take out... Nevertheless, we went back Monday for lunch and we both feel our experience was a 4 out of 10. We had such high expectations and maybe that had something to do with our experience not living up, but still....

                Cons: the chips are/were hard, and being that the chips are a signature dish they should be awesome! it's not that they were old - they just were not good. The guacamole wasn’t made well either (made at our table – so there is potential to fix this), too much lime and it didn’t seem like the waiter knew how to make it - he asked us a lot of questions. The kitchen floor was pretty dirty and if you sit at the front of the restaurant you can see right into the kitchen, if you’re going to have an open kitchen you’re going to have to keep the floor clean.

                Pros: the ambiance is cool and once they obtain their liquor license should def be a good place to grab a drink, and all of the issues or things we did not like can be easily fixed, so there is room for improvement and to win us back over.

                We will give it a second chance.

                1. We just had dinner there this evening, and were pleased with the meal. Contrary to prior posts, chips were fine, a little thicker, but with a nice crunch. Salsa was tasty, but my dh does not like any cilantro, so he just ate the chips. We shared the shrimp in garlic appetizer. Jumbo sized shrimp were very fresh, and the garlic sauce had a bit of a kick! A few plantains served on the side were a nice contrast and a bit of relief from the heat. For entrees, I had shrimp fajitas, daughter had nachos, and husband had crispy cauliflower. Fajitas were good, although served only with the grilled veggies plus rice and beans on the side. I often like condiments with them (crema, pico de gallo, and a spoon of guac). The three tortillas were very fresh and warm. Very nice presentation. Nachos were ordinary. At our table, we discussed the two varieties, the pile of chips with the sauced in a mound vs. the individual chips prepared like a canape. Vega serves the later. The server seeing that my daughter was young suggested "no jalapenos". I complimented him for knowing his customer. When the nachos arrived, the guac served with them was a bit spicy for the 7 yo, but I enjoyed it. The crispy cauliflower was the real winner. Very interesting. Tasty sauce. Lots of interesting vegetarian offerings on the menu. And the highlight of the evening? They refilled my iced tea without me asking, and for free! It's just a small gesture, but it is so nice! We had very attentive service. I will look forward to returning and trying some of the other entrees on the menu.

                  1. Had dinner at Vega last night. My girlfriend and I have been looking forward to their opening for some time and we really had high expectations. To say the least, we were very disappointed. The restaurant is very stylish and comfortable and the service was very good. But the food was below par. While the chips are good, the salsa is salty without any hint of freshness or zing; it was watery and looked like it was poured from a jar. We then shared the shrimp in garlic sauce appetizer - 4 medium sized shrimp in medium tasty sauce for a hefty $11. My girlfriend had the mexican ribs - decent sized portion but the rib sauce was no better than supermarket mass-produced bottled bbq sauce. And i had a fish taco and pork taco - if i had my eyes closed i wouldn't know which was which because they tasted the same. And that taste was bland, boring, and barely passable. Beans are decent, but the rice is poor. All in all, we were deeply disappointed, and although my girlfriend lives in hartsdale, we will not go back.

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                        Ate there last night. The food was really good. I will be going back to try more dishes.

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                          So we had the nachos, they were to dye for and also the wings they were ok. I had a chicken dish a little spicy but outstanding. Maybe im just happy theres a Mexican resturant in town. We waited 20 min for a table. We were seated next to a couple that was waiting for a table also outside. Theres no room to wait inside its a little tight. The ac was on full blast, so ladies defenitly take somthing to throw over your shoulders. I do no matter where we go. The couple we meet were soooo nice. Milly & Bob . They were celebrating his birthday. Happy Birthday again Bob. Milly & I must have read the same blog about Vega. We had a great time . Vega is a nice addition to Hartsdale and i will go back . Hopefully run into Milly & Bob again.

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                              Yes, we had drinks at the bar on Sunday. Apart from the bar with very nice leather bar chairs, there are booths in that area that seat 4.

                              1. re: Maryld

                                Good to hear. Have to give it a try. Is it on Hartsdale Avenue near Harry's?

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                                  Yes, it's on Hartsdale Ave in the old Oporto restaurant.

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                                    PS : That is E. Hartsdale Ave, sort of a big catty-corner from Harry's.

                    1. I ate at Vega with my wife about a week ago. As another reviewer said, we had high expectations but walked away extremely disappointed. We walked in, no reservation and were seated immediately, which was very nice since they looked busy. The atmosphere is great and it's nice to have a new "hip" restaurant on the strip. However, the food was not even below sub-par, it was down right disgusting. We had ordered some guacamole and tequila scallops to start. The guy came to ask how we wanted our guac, I asked for medium and he proceeded his table side dance. When he gave us the guac, it tasted like pasty avocados with no flavor whatsoever. Until I was finally able to flag down a waiter and get some salt, the guac was completely inedible. The scallops arrived and I was shocked that a chef would send out a dish that looked like that. Before we even tasted it we could tell we would be disappointed. They were bay scallops not sea scallops to start, which is fine except that there were only about 6 on the plate which is a little light for small scallops. 2 - 3 of them were broken up on the plate already which is not a good sign. They tasted simply of tequila, with none of the chile dust or lime flavors coming out. They were also very overcooked.

                      For dinner we had steak tacos and a pulled pork burrito. I was happy when I ordered that they asked how I wanted my steak done in my steak tacos. I asked for rare / medium rare. When they arrived they were well done and had virtually no taste even after squeezing a generous amount of lime on them. My wife's burrito just had an odd taste to it that didn't seem to sit right with either of us.

                      So the food was certainly not a winner for us in the slightest. The service did make up for the food somewhat. Our waiter was very attentive and when we explained our concerns about the food to the manager he was very receptive and nice.

                      I know that a restaurant that is this new is not going to be 100% stable, but seeing as this owner has quite a number of other restaurants I really thought it would be much better. I am not writing this place off as of yet, but I will certainly be giving it some time before I decide to visit them again.

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                        Family of four for dinner tonight. After an odd dance with a Maitre D' over which booth we could take (said we couldn't have one by door because of kids and waterfall, then because it was reserved, then next maitre d' gave it to us one minute later), service was v.g.

                        Had Avocado Fritters appetizer, was very happy with it, never had before though, so no comparison, but seemed Tempura-like, not heavy fried. Sauce with it was irrelevant.

                        Took good care of young kids with sauces on side and such, so they were happy. Youngest had chicken fingers, older one a steak, didn't want the "Hamburger with Cheese".

                        I had Carnitas, crispy pork, pulled I guess. Wow. Really liked this dish, one of the best pork dishes I've ever had. Parts were fatty, but was a v. large portion, and the crispy parts were OUTSTANDING. My wife said she's coming back for that dish next time.

                        Skipped dessert, had Ciao Bella frozen stuff a few doors down. We'll be back.

                        Ciao Bella
                        149 S Franklin Ave, Valley Stream, NY 11580

                      2. Went there last night, with a reservation, recommended for Sat. nite. Place had a lot of buzz and was packed. Nickely decorated. We thought the food was very good, better than average, portions were sizeable. We tried the avocado fritters that were served with an interesting dipping sauce. Fritters were very good, I didnt love the sauce but my husband did. I had the chili relleno and it was delicious, huge portion, I only ate half. My husband had a chicken dish, cant remember the name of it, but it was the first one listed on the menu under chicken. It was like a pulled chicken in a unique flavored sauce. It was quite different and very good. As for the rice, it was very good as one of the other posters noted. We dont like refried beans so we didnt have them. The chips and salsa were good, I liked the chips alot, they are a tad thicker than the chips you are probably used to and unsalted. The salsa was good, but not the best I have had. Service was great. All in all, we liked the place and would definitely go back. Next time we will try their drinks and dessert.

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                          Went there for the second time Saturday 11/27. Good crowd. My wife loves the chicken in Mole' sauce. She has been to Puebla and Oaxaca where it is a local recipe and swears it's 100% authentic. The guacamole is huge and delicious. House Margarita is good. Next time I will try a premium Tequila in one. Ladies liked their Mojitos.