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Jul 7, 2010 06:23 AM

Lobster Cookout

I am having a bbq on sunday and serving lobster (not very familiar with cooking it!)..Someone suggested having them steamed then throwing them on the bbq right before serving. This would make it easier as i have about 20-25 to cook with 20 guests! I also have 2 huge pots where i can steam them outdoors to order (harder to control i think)...suggestions??? It's my first time hosting :(

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  1. Do you have a turkey fryer? Steam them outdoors on that with seaweed on the bottom if you are close enough to get it. You may have to do it in two batches, but any lobster bbq shouldn't be overly civil anyway.

    1. I'd blanch them in the large pots of boiling water for a few minutes then throw them onto the grill. If you're going to grill them also, why waste seaweed when you won't be able to taste it after you char the shells? JMO

      1. If you're using the huge pots anyway, might as well do a proper steamed NE dinner, and fill the pots up with seaweed, potatoes, onions, sausages, corn & lobsters. (There is a particular order of layering, and lots of info on the net ) Or you could just plain boil them alone. It almost seems that that will be less work than steaming or parboiling them all, then grilling them all to finish off. Unless, you're splitting them a& stuffing the bodies, I don't see much point to grilling them, it doesn't add much to presentation & risks overcooking the delicate meat.

        1. 25 lobsters is a challenge. This dude pulled something even grander off and was good enough to post the blueprints:

          1. I happened to have 3 three pounders over the weekend. I could only fit 2 in a large stockpot, so I rotated them from the steamer to the grill (where I was cooking corn and steak). Only one minor caveat: prolonged time on the grill will evaporate some of the water in the shell. In particular, the claw meat clung to the shell somewhat. Still tasted great.

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              Thanks all! skipping the grill and going for the steaming!!