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Jul 7, 2010 05:41 AM

The meat at Pied Au Cochon?

I have an allergy to antibiotic residue in meat and fish and stopped in to make a reservation. I asked about their purveyors and was told that all their meat comes from small local farms, but the fellow who took the reservation didn't know the antibiotic situation. Anybody have any insight or experience about this? I'm hoping that things like duck breast and/or bison are fine (I'm really interested in the pork, of course), but I'd love to be sure. Any help is appreciated.

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  1. Instead of the phone call, I would email the restaurant and ask if they can find out for you before you make the reservation. I believe an email would get better results going to higher management. I would hope they go the extra step for a customer and in the process they would then know themselves. If true allergies are involved then it is to the restaurant's better interest to be able to inform their patrons.

    but I do have to ask what 'antibiotic residue' is, if you wouldn't mind enlightening me.

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      Thanks for your response. Antibiotic residue is the small amount of antibiotics left in the tissue of the animal after the course of antibiotics has been completed. The antibiotic class that I'm allergic to, fluoroquinolones, reside in the animal for a very long time. and can touch off a bad response in me

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        in light of this: if the restaurant doesn't respond I wouldn't eat there. good luck and let us know if they actually do respond : that in and of itself would be interesting to know their level of customer service.

    2. You're allergic to cipro, or some metabolite of cipro? Cipro has a half-life about 4 hours and I don't really think trace amounts in livestock will harm you. In addition, cooking will denature the compound and render it inert. Fish are not given antibiotics, so if you're concerned you could stick to that.

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        If he's reacting to trace amounds of residue left in the meat despite the 4 hour half life you quote, then that is a serious issue. Also, when the meat comes straight from the farmer to the restaurent, wouldn't it be more recently slaughtered compared to that from the grocery store? So, potentially, there could be more residue in it.

      2. fluoroquinolones are approved for use in Canada, according to this list:

        so to be on the safe side, order vegan or stick with the seafood. only remember anthony bourdain, who advises ordering fish on mondays!

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          Au Pied de Cochon, as far as I know (and remember), fly in fresh seafood daily in the summer.

          1. re: Maximilien

            This is correct. We have been told that a couple weeks ago when we went there. The seafood platters for two looked amazing and seemed to be the most popular order of the evening. We had our mind set on duck, though.