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Jul 7, 2010 05:17 AM

Rome one day - Trendy and good food?

I will have one night for a layover with the hubby before going back to the states. I booked Opera tickets at the Baths to see Aida from 9 until? Trying to figure how to work in dinner. Is 7:30 to early? Should I just leave the opera a little early and have dinner around 10:30? Nothing too chi chi like La Pergola, or stuff that moves on the place if you know what I mean. GLASS HOSTARIA seems interesting? Or perhaps something near our hotel the St George? Please help!!! Also may have time for a quick lunck.. Pizza in Trastevere?

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  1. For trendy and good, Gusto comes to mind. But wherever you go, 7:30 is much too early!!!!!

    1. You dont want to leave that Aida early! I think its usual running time is 3-4 hours and it is said to be spectacular. some outdoor opera venues offer food or you can picnic - I didnt see anything to indicate thats the case at the Termi di Caracalla, maybe someone local could comment or you could check a travel site.

      It it were me, I would get an early dinner -at a pizzeria or wine bar, Here is a recent pizzeria recommendation rather nearby (could walk from there or take a bus to the opera, I think.

      1. 7.30 is fine. Gusto is too far away and not any good anyway. The pizzeria cited by Jen is my local, probably 20 min march from Caracalla. It's good, always crowded. You should reserve. Glass was mainly awful the one time I went and not convenient to Caracalla. Nerone or La Piazzetta are also well positioned, though you might want to call a taxi. There is nothing really close to Caracalla (though I would be happy to learn of something), except the places on Viale Aventino (possibly not bad, frequented by FAO people for lunch). What you want is to be on the same side of town even if you wind up calling a cab. We used to like a place called Orazio, which is near enough, but I have my doubts about the quality. Anything around San Giovanni would also do. Even Trattoria Monti.

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          Maureen, cpl questions,

          Have you been to that Il Bocconcino on Via Ostilia yet? what do you think?

          Do/Can people picnic at Caracalla or is it formal? I can imagine a collection of delicacies from Volpetti and a bottle or two of bubbly as being a pretty wonderful prelude to the opera.a la Glyndbourne, etc but then someone looking for trendy may not be interested in picnicking anyway.

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            We really wanted to like Il Bocconcino because it's so handy, and we went twice just to make sure, but we just couldn’t warm to it. Both food and service we found mediocre.

            I don't know about Caracalla, but I can't imagine major picnicking taking place there. I wouldn’t hesitate to put a panino and something to drink in my handbag, however.

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            I thought I was the only person who dislikes Glass.. I had 2 awful meals there and I can't believe their Michelin star status. Someone had almost convinced me to give them another try, but I think not.

            Somewhere in Celio would be walking distance, but I'm drawing a blank. Did Caffe Propaganda ever get any better?

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              We went to Il Bocconcino during our Rome visit last fall and liked the simple food we had. My report is around here somewhere. I can see why Maureen wouldnt feel the need to eat there, though

              I just noticed that a trattoria on the recently-posted Pignataro list of some of the better trattorie in Rome is not real far, though in the opposite direction from the center, from the Terme di Caracalla - Domenico dal 1968

              that might be worth checking out in the area

          3. Thanks for awesome advice! Appreciate it!!!

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              look forward to hearing how it went!

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                We have tix for Aida on the 24th, so I'll let you know if I see any picnicking. We're eating at home first, then walking.