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Jul 7, 2010 04:32 AM

Digging the Frappe at McD's

Just wanted to say that I am really digging the Frappes at McDonalds. I am not at all a coffee drinker but I think the mocha and the caramel ones are really pretty good and refreshing. I've also been finding that the mocha ones seem to run out pretty fast at my local area (Hartford, CT) locations.

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  1. This is my happy hot summertime find! I'm sorry to say that they also handed me a loyalty card, which I'm looking forward to getting punched 10 times so I can get my free one. But it has to be frappe or lunch. I don't want to know the caloric content! But, delicious and a winner for me!!

    1. Absolutely Loved the mocha, until my wife read the calorie and fat content...
      almost as bad as a big mac (which I wouldn't eat).
      Nice while it lasted.