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Jul 7, 2010 02:02 AM

Casual, Early Dinner for about 15 people near Corona Del Mar

So some friends who have moved to the East Coast are visiting later this month and want to have a bonfire and have left us the task of coordinating it. It's been decided that we will try to reserve a pit at Corona del Mar. An early dinner is to be part of the plan. Are there any affordable ($10-$15ish) eateries nearby that can accommodate a group of about 15 people? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Why not picnic around the bonfire? There is a Gelson's in Newport that is close to CDM, the Whole Foods in Tustin, and Zinc Cafe which all have prepared foods. I imagine you could get a pretty good spread for around $10-15 pp.

    Not that I would ever advocate either drinking on the beach or drinking boxed wine, but a friend used to gift wrap wine boxes as camouflage and bring them along when he picnicked in the beach. Me, I would fill a water bottle with rum and buy canned Hansen smoothies, then spike them, but only where it is legal to drink in public. No way I would ever advocate drinking on a public beach.

    Zinc Cafe & Market
    3222 E Coast Hwy, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

    1. $10-15 per entree, per app/entree or all in, including tax and tip?

      Best option might be Summer House. A bit more expensive but under $15 if you just have burgers, sandwhiches or flatbreads would be CrowBar. Panini cafe next to Crowbar could work as well, as might Side Door.

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        I think it would be tough to get out of Crow Bar for 10-15 pp.

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          As I indicated, it's unclear if the OP meant per entree, app & entree or all in incl tax and tip. As I also said, if you just have a burger (6.50-8.50), sandwich (cubano - 8.50) or flatbread (11-12), you'll be under $15.

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            What about that Japanese bowl place (chain) that is almost on the beach in CDM - Fuji Grill (or something like that)?

      2. You could check out La Fogata for mexican food and/or rotisserie chicken. It's a small place, so it may be tough to fit a group of 15 in there if it's busy. Definitely fits your budget