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Chinese Restaurant/take out Downtown?

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Hi Chowhounders,

So I recently found out EON around Dundas and University is closed and I am trying to find a place similar to EON in terms of price and menu (many options and not your usual fast food options like general tao).
Trying to find something within a good price, preferably like EON during lunch special that was around $4.25.

Oh, I want a location near the Financial District and/or Eaton Centre. Oh..I am craving for beef brisket

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  1. Never went to Eon but have you gone to Yueh Tung which is at Elizabeth and Dundas?

    Yueh Tung
    126 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G, CA

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      reading review. Looks like a good experieince but it would be quite a walk for me to get there. Not minding, but isn't there more options that gives you good portion, very very cheap and taste good.