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Jul 6, 2010 09:15 PM

Brunswick Stew etc from 51st State truck?

Anyone tried the Brunswick stew from 51st State? No flying squirrel though.


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  1. WHOA, actual brunswick stew listed on a menu out here?! Thought I had to wait a few more weeks for my vacation to lowcountry SC/GA. Too bad I don't live/work up in SF proper to try.

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    1. re: mikeh

      New mobile food businesses are opening fast and furious. I don't pay too much attention to most of the ones passing through my inbox. But the idea of Brunswick stew pulled me up short here with a big WHOA, as well. At first I was disappointed that it didn't have squirrel, but instead smoked pork, chicken, sausage and bacon. But after reading that the dish has evolved past the original flying squirrel and can still be considered "authentic", I'm still interested. Schedule's on the website: hope we hear a report soon from the FiDi and SOMA 'hounds.

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        maybe your people's food is becoming trendy out here. Menu for a Low Country supper in SF tonight.

      2. I tried the 51st State Truck on their inaugural day. They had already sold out of the cornmeal crusted quail (served with cheesy jalepeno grits), so I went for the Brunswick Stew. Good chunks of pulled pork and bacon... very hearty and had a great spice. Not exactly spicy, but good enough for a peppery bite. It was stewed with fingerling potatoes, lima beans, and corn. I liked the corn since everything else seemed so meaty and carby. It was stewed in a thick smokey tomato-y sauce.

        It also came with a Texas toast, which I didn't care for. Just a thick piece of sliced white bread with some butter. They toasted it on the griddle, but I think it would have been better in an actual toaster to give it a good crunch.

        They threw in a complimentary cheesey grits since I was sad the quail was sold out. I slopped that up real quick. You could taste all components. Cheese. Jalepeno. Grits. And butter of course.

        Friendly people and one of the most unique food trucks since Chez Spencer On The Go.

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          I tried it yesterday and the stew is delicious. The serving is a bit small for $8, but the quality was definitely there. A co-worker had the quail and said it was great.

        2. I tried it yesterday. Wow, that was good! Everything was just right, texture, spice, balance of flavors. Loved the real bacon bits crumbled on top. The Texas toast was a perfect match. I will be back for more. Next time I'll get a smore twinke too.

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            Tried it today. The stew was spicy, meaty and filling! I couldn't finish it. The toast was just ok- pretty greasy. Overall I was very satisfied and will go back soon!