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Jul 6, 2010 09:08 PM

Santa Fe - anyone been to new frozen dessert places?

I was driving downtown yesterday and saw a new frozen yogurt place on Marcy St. Didn't quite catch the name - maybe Dede's FroYo or Dodo's FroYo or something like that. Anyone been there? How does it compare to Ellie's Yoberri?

I recall a new gelato place was opening in the DeVargas center, but don't know if it's official yet. O-Gelato, I think. I saw a pint of theirs in the freezer at Whole Foods and almost grabbed it until I saw the price - nearly $9.

Would love to hear some reviews if anyone's tried either of the new places.

I'll confess to pining still over the loss of Gelato Benissimo that was on Montezuma. Sigh.

325 W San Francisco St, Santa Fe, NM 87501

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  1. Hey 505alyce, missed you around here!

    Swung by DeDo's FroYo over the weekend. It's self serve, with six flavors (two tart, four sweet), and about a dozen toppings, roughly a third of which are fresh fruit. They charge by the ounce.

    The yogurt was quite good. I didn't like the classic tart here as much as Yoberri's (just a little too sour, and not as much vanilla), but it was tasty all the same. And there were a couple of bad blueberries and blackberries in the dish, but it was late in the day on a busy, warm tourist weekend, plus they were clearly still trying to find their rhythm after having just opened. We payed about 8 bucks for two moderate-sized desserts, so neither a gouge nor a steal.

    Also nice is the open-air setup, which is fun this time of year (presumably they'll enclose it in the winter). All in all a pleasant little addition to the SF chow landscape.

    325 W San Francisco St, Santa Fe, NM 87501