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Jul 6, 2010 07:18 PM

rome near via veneto and others

DH and I will be going to Rome for the first time and we're staying near Corso Italia/Via Veneto (NH Vittorio Veneto Hotel). I've heard that this place gets very touristy and we'd love some recs for a couple of dinners with modern and traditional Italian food.

Also, recs near and around the usual sights would be very much appreciated. We're only going to be there for 4 days (1 1/2 days in a meeting) so we won't have time to go out of our way to scout out hidden gems. But I was hoping not to have to eat in touristy places. Budget is not so much an issue but moderately priced places would be ideal. Any recs on enotecas are very much welcome too!

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    1. if you want to eat in walking distance of the hotel, i recommend colline emiliane (lots of info on this board), tuna (fish only), filippo la mantia (modern sicilian in the hotel majestic) and palatium (enoteca and restaurant).

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        Also within short walking distance from your hotel: walk south on Via Veneto 2-3 blocks to Lombardia, turn right, go 2 short blocks to Via Aurora, turn left to arrive at Vladimiro Ristorante. This is an excellent restaurant not generally frequented by lots of tourists but you will have an very good meal at reasonable prices. I highly recommend a set-price menu they offer, which includes 1) multiple dishes of antipasti (last December, we were served warm lentils in tomato puree, roasted red pepper strips, grilled zucchini pieces, grilled eggplant chunks, hot mixed vegetables (carrots, peas, fava beans), and a platter with 2 outstanding mozzarella balls surrounded by fresh tomato chunks). If you go in late summer, more seasonal vegetables will be served. 2) a standard offering of 3 different pastas, each in a different sauce, all 3 served on a large platter. 3) Final course is usually a roast leg of veal with roasted potatoes. A light dessert item is also offered. Lots of food and you can drink their house wines by the 1/2 or full liter. Price for 2 about 40 Euros each with house wines, higher for bottled wines. Do a search on this board for Vladimiro (formerly known as Vladimiro/Marcello) and you'll find quite a few posters who took this advice and posted their delightful results at this place.

      2. Jet wanted to say thanks for the suggestions on this board. CHefs are the best! So far we've been to Colline Emiliane, Roscioli and Pizza Montecarlo and all have been amazing. Will post a more detailed review when I get back.

        1. If you happen to want a lunch on the hoof one day, there is an excellent sandwich bar, also on via Lombardia, just around the corner from via Veneto on the northwest side of the street. Picture appended:

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            Is it open only for lunch, or can you get breakfast and dinner food there also?

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              I'm not sure, sorry. I imagine they serve the usual Italian brioche and coffee in the morning.

          2. Well, you're about a two-minute walk from Piccolo Abruzzo. I've haven't been in a year or so, but it's quite good. Basically, just one seating per evening, and you and everyone else gets the same thing -- whatever Alessandro chooses to prepare, with one choice: red or white. One wintry evening, the main was a veal roast. The lights were dimmed, the roast set afire, and Alessandro proceeded to parade the puppy through the room to applause and oohs-aahs. About EUR 50 pp