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Super G Market in Charlotte - Yeah!

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I noticed that the much touted Super G Market has opened in the former BiLo space on Independence Blvd. in Matthews. I just had to kill the afternoon there yesterday with my 15 year old daughter.

The other Asian markets in town better raise their game!

This market is fantastic - everything you could ever want plus it's brand new and VERY clean! I suspect the owners may be Korean because the stock seems to be much heavier in Korean products than the places on South/Central/N Tryon. That being said, the thin sliced meats are off the charts good. For the less adventerous - they have stacks of Mexican Coke (no corn syrup) and the stuff is really fresh.

I could go on and on but it's worth the trip. The fact they have a decent Latino section only adds to the cashe (Compare is better overall for Latin food)

Any one who is doing the macrobiotic thing or is a rice fancier needs to go - probably 100+ types of Asian rice and another 30+ of western rice. Also, for those of you that like most Charlotte susi - all the fixin's are there including plenty of frozen portioned fish ready to slice.

They will eventually have prepared foods but that's still in the future. Last comment, anyone into dumplings/gyozu/etc. - they must have 30+ linear feet of frozen cases just filled with this.

Go visit and let us know what you think. . . .

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  1. Lordy! I posted the other day about finding fresh quahogs in Charlotte and someone directed me here. I ran in quickly yesterday morning and was blown away. I was in a rush but cannot wait to go back when I have more time. It was very clean and bright and huge! The quahogs were $4.99 a pound and were so fresh!

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    1. The Super G mart is model after the Super H marts in Atlanta. Some of the things at the Super G mart price wise is better but a lot of the things I can find at the Vietnamese places for cheaper. The produce is what we really have been going there to get but canned goods and what not, I think we will keep returning to the Vietnamese places for.

      1. I finally checked this out last weekend & wfell in love with the place. I came home with lots of fruit that I'd never treied fresh - lychee, korean mango, dragon fruit & sweet yellow mango (the mango was the best I've ever eaten). I also found Russian dumplings & Deep brand frozen indian food. The variety & the quality is amazing.

        Now, where was the Mexican Coke located? I looked and didn't see any.

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          The mexican coke was just stacked in one of the aisles when I was there. they only had 2 cases.

          my only problem with the place is the smell. it was horrid when I was there a couple weeks ago but with so much good stuff in the store i'll just have to suffer through it :)

        2. I love the Super G Mart here in Gboro, and I'm so glad they're expanding.

          1. It's pretty sweet. So clean! The only-one-kind-of-a-thing thing (ie - one brand of paneer, thai curry paste, etc) bothers me. Still, it's entertaining being able to buy bitter melon, garam masala, and pickled jalapenos all from under one roof.

            A food court would be awesome.

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            1. re: nofaceplate

              I alway think that when i'm there!!
              the one here in greensboro is inside a strip mall that, little by little, is adding more and more small, "ethic", restaurants, such as korean, filipino, vietnamese, sushi, etc. I hope it succeeds and the area in Charlotte manages to be equally exciting.

            2. I know people are raving about the produce and the asian selections from this store and I SOOO agree.

              BUT none of you mentioned the Seafood. Some great finds for this Italian with a taste for this stuff. Baby octopus and squid and head on shrimp ALL which I purchased from this store for a small cost.
              Nice quality and it all cooked up very well, thanks to me of course. TASTY finds baby!

              Another treat for my family were a few of the Italian Balconi products I scored as well. Sweet!

              My son alone will keep this store in business just buying the Mexican coke.

              We have never had a problem with any smell that was mentioned in a previous post.

              You haven't been yet? Why not!

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              1. re: Ciao Italia Foodie

                I agree... the seafood counter was amazing. at least 20 varieties of whole fish on were available when i was there.

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                  I mentioned the seafood in July. That's what brought me there. I am going back this weekend and plan to take my time and go thru every aisle having made my last trip to the Asian Corner Mall last weekend.

                2. Chestnuts! I thought chestnuts were mainly imported from Italy until I found them here imported from Korea.
                  I figured a chestnut is a chestnut . They have the big ones from Korea here. So I tried roasting them up as usual. They were ok. Maybe it was this batch but there was a lot of waste when peeling them. The skin seemed to stick more then usual. Any tips?

                  If you like chestnuts, do yourself a favor and pick up the brown bag of pre-roasted and semi-peeled chestnuts here from wang distributors. They are really very good and it's instant gratification and the whole skin peels away nice. Warm them for a bit first for a yummy snack.
                  Another score just in time for the holiday season approching.
                  Love Super G.

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                  1. re: Ciao Italia Foodie

                    I'm looking for lo mein noodles with which to make authentic ramen. Will Super G Mart have this in CLT or am a better off in trying the Greensboro location. I'm in CLT for business tomorrow and will be driving back to the Triangle, so either way is fine.

                    You feedback is both solicited and appreciated.

                    1. re: Tom from Raleigh

                      You can find them at other Asian markets around Charlotte so I would think Super G would have them.

                      If you'll be near Pineville there is a small Japanese store called Hatoya. Its on Polk St. (aka South Blvd. if you're coming from Charlotte) in the shopping center with Arbys south of 485.

                  2. I was surprised that Super G does not carry keffir lime leaves. Any tips on where the can be found in town?

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                    1. re: littlegirltree

                      I have found them at several markets. You can usually find them frozen if you don't see fresh. I'm pretty sure I got them at Overseas Market on South and Ahn Dao further up South near Sedgefield. Perhaps Zen as well.

                    2. I'm going to strongly disagree with the rest of this thread.

                      I've been to Super G Mart (SGM) twice, one the week it opened and again about a week ago. Neither time has been as good an experience as described here. The pros are obviously the fantastic Asian selection of products and really cheap pricing on produce. Also, I enjoyed the Asian cuts of meat which are great for Korean BBQ.

                      Now for my criticisms (NB: I worked in a supermarket for a significant portion of my life and that frames my opinion every time I walk into one): First of all, the reason that the produce is so cheap is because the quality is horrendous. The first time I went, the market price for Roma tomatoes was around $1.29/lb, at SGM they were on sale at $0.69/lb. Hass avocados market price is usually between .99-1.29 each, at SGM they were 4x$1.00. The thing they had in common was that they were both incredibly overripe to the point where at a traditional supermarket it would have been taken off the sales floor and marked as spoilage. I'm not going to say that all the produce had the same bad quality, but i feel comfortable saying that it was easily most instead of just some. Another observation I made in the produce department was that most of it was not refrigerated. Granted, there are certain products that don't need refrigeration for short periods of time, but this is the first time I go into a supermarket where a significant portion of the produce department lacks coolers for the merchandise.

                      For the most part, the fish department looked fine, but I have been to other Asian supermarkets that have really exceptional seafood departments that make SGM look poor. I know that's mainly a problem of perception on my end, but my impression was that it didn't provide the seafood value that I expected from an Asian supermarket. Also, when I asked the fishmonger where the shrimp were, he pointed me to a "self-serve" shrimp area where other customers were bagging their own shrimp using some scoops. Ok, diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks, but when I noticed that the shrimp were also not refrigerated, I decided to pass on the seafood in general. I pointed out to an employee that the shrimp were not refrigerated and he mentioned that the ice must have melted and needed to be refilled. I don't know how long the shrimp had been out there without any type of ice or refrigeration or why it took me pointing it out for them to do something about it.

                      I'm definitely pickier than the average supermarket shopper, but my impressions in the produce and fish departments unfortunately left me with a bad impression of the store overall. I won't deny that if I need some hard to find recipe item that I'll go back to buy it, but I definitely will not be doing any type of regular shopping there.

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                      1. re: jp328x

                        I would never consider SGM for 'regular" shopping. It's not near my house and as you've pointed out, other than ginger and green onions, there's nothing I'd buy in the produce aisle. I was there yesterday for about one and a half glorious hours.

                        But right now I'm sipping a cup of Pho Bac Nuoc Leo beef soup that I bought there. A 28 ounce can was $1.49. It doesn't say add water but I added a full can of water and it's still pretty salty but delicious. I've been carb free since 1/1/11 so this is great for my pho cravings. If I were eating carbs, I could easily have an entire dim sum party with all of the offerings in the frozen aisle. Amazing selection and prices. I know the store next to Dim Sum carries some of these but not in this kind of a clean, unstinky environment.

                        I also got some jars of chili paste, salsa verde, hoisin and three bags of edamame (for my daughter) and some cooked shrimp. The entire order came to $22. I find the place fascinating.

                        It would be great if they had a little food court off to the far right with bahn mi, etc.. Right now there's an odd assortment of cookware and furniture. The pho place in the same shopping center looks like it's just about ready to open!

                      2. Although Super G Market has a very nice selection, it's not my favorite on this side of town. I would recommend that people who like Asian super Market to check our Grand Asia Market in Stallings NC. This Supermarket has a wonderful Chinese Bakery that makes fantastic Chinese bake goods and a mini-restaurant. I think Grand Asia Market does a better job with cleanliness and the tax is much lower in Union County. I go there 2 times a week just to pick up the bake goods.

                        Grand Asia Market
                        1253 Buck Jones Rd, Raleigh, NC 27606

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                        1. re: ncsfry

                          Yes Grand Asia Market is definitely one of the cleanest asian grocery stores I have ever been in and I have been in a ton in many different states. Can't wait to hit Grand Asia again this weekend. I think we are going to finally try the restaurant part of the grocery store.

                          Here is a link to the post I wrote about Grand Asia.

                          Grand Asia Market
                          1253 Buck Jones Rd, Raleigh, NC 27606

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                            Ooooh, I can't wait to hit this place. Thanks for the tip!