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Jul 6, 2010 05:40 PM

Super G Market in Charlotte - Yeah!

I noticed that the much touted Super G Market has opened in the former BiLo space on Independence Blvd. in Matthews. I just had to kill the afternoon there yesterday with my 15 year old daughter.

The other Asian markets in town better raise their game!

This market is fantastic - everything you could ever want plus it's brand new and VERY clean! I suspect the owners may be Korean because the stock seems to be much heavier in Korean products than the places on South/Central/N Tryon. That being said, the thin sliced meats are off the charts good. For the less adventerous - they have stacks of Mexican Coke (no corn syrup) and the stuff is really fresh.

I could go on and on but it's worth the trip. The fact they have a decent Latino section only adds to the cashe (Compare is better overall for Latin food)

Any one who is doing the macrobiotic thing or is a rice fancier needs to go - probably 100+ types of Asian rice and another 30+ of western rice. Also, for those of you that like most Charlotte susi - all the fixin's are there including plenty of frozen portioned fish ready to slice.

They will eventually have prepared foods but that's still in the future. Last comment, anyone into dumplings/gyozu/etc. - they must have 30+ linear feet of frozen cases just filled with this.

Go visit and let us know what you think. . . .

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  1. Lordy! I posted the other day about finding fresh quahogs in Charlotte and someone directed me here. I ran in quickly yesterday morning and was blown away. I was in a rush but cannot wait to go back when I have more time. It was very clean and bright and huge! The quahogs were $4.99 a pound and were so fresh!

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    1. The Super G mart is model after the Super H marts in Atlanta. Some of the things at the Super G mart price wise is better but a lot of the things I can find at the Vietnamese places for cheaper. The produce is what we really have been going there to get but canned goods and what not, I think we will keep returning to the Vietnamese places for.

      1. I finally checked this out last weekend & wfell in love with the place. I came home with lots of fruit that I'd never treied fresh - lychee, korean mango, dragon fruit & sweet yellow mango (the mango was the best I've ever eaten). I also found Russian dumplings & Deep brand frozen indian food. The variety & the quality is amazing.

        Now, where was the Mexican Coke located? I looked and didn't see any.

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          The mexican coke was just stacked in one of the aisles when I was there. they only had 2 cases.

          my only problem with the place is the smell. it was horrid when I was there a couple weeks ago but with so much good stuff in the store i'll just have to suffer through it :)

        2. I love the Super G Mart here in Gboro, and I'm so glad they're expanding.

          1. It's pretty sweet. So clean! The only-one-kind-of-a-thing thing (ie - one brand of paneer, thai curry paste, etc) bothers me. Still, it's entertaining being able to buy bitter melon, garam masala, and pickled jalapenos all from under one roof.

            A food court would be awesome.

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              I alway think that when i'm there!!
              the one here in greensboro is inside a strip mall that, little by little, is adding more and more small, "ethic", restaurants, such as korean, filipino, vietnamese, sushi, etc. I hope it succeeds and the area in Charlotte manages to be equally exciting.