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Jul 6, 2010 04:58 PM

5 guys Honolulu

There is a rumor going around that 5 guys will be expanding to Hawaii. When and if that happens, should I be excited?

After all we have two small local hamburger chains now (kua aina & teddy's) that do a good job, if somewhat more expensive, as well as a few gourmet burger places (the counter, burgers on the edge.) We also have McD's, BK, and Jack, along with a couple of wendy's and one or two carl'sjr.

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  1. If you want a step up from the chains like McD, BK, etc; 5 Guys will do it. But the local joints that do burgers well, especially not cooking them past med are still my first choice. They have a place in between those two.

    And I love knowing where the fries originated from at 5 Guys! (It doesn't take too much to amuse me!)

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      I pretty much agree with heidip732. Five Guys is a BIG step up from McDonald's for sure. It's a fast food burger (meaning you can't tell them how you want the meat cooked), but an excellent fast food burger. Burgers are cooked to order and they have a long list of free toppings you can choose from. I think it's worth going a bit out of your way for -- but not MILES out of the way. A modicum of excitement is in order!

    2. 5 Guys runs on a franchise model, so "expansion" isn't done from a HQ decision. They just need a restaurant operator with sufficient ability to run a shop in Honolulu to purchase a franchise. I hope you're lucky enough to have someone who wants to & can take on opening one near you!

      1. I heard on news this week that it was for sure...I didn't catch where the locations are supposed to be tho.

        I've been to them before and prefer Kua Aina for sure.

        1. Excited, no.

          Happy, yes. It's a top notch fast food burger. While they don't cook to MR I quite often get a hint of pink in mine.

          There's a catch though. It seems 5G is as inconsistent a franchise as there is. Either it's great or it sucks. There doesn't seem to be a middle ground. Complaints I hear about 5G are no where to be found at the only one I've ever been to.

          Tip. A small order of fries is huge. Read my lips, H-U-G-E. One order will satisfy 2 - 3 people easily. Get them out of the bag quickly so they don't steam.