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Jul 6, 2010 03:42 PM

Its hot outside...what do you crave?!?

I crave burgers. I have been making all kinds of burgers, or really grilled "meatloaf". I use ground beef, salmon in a can, ground chicken, or whatever meat I have and add grated onions, chopped herbs, spinach...whatever. Add some egg and breadcrumbs. Make a little patty and grill them. Yummy. Someone gave me the idea of using those little Hawaiin sweet rolls as a bun and they are perfect for littlte sliders! I also and craving all the little jarred pickes. Gardiniera. Peppadews. Pepper rings.

What about you?

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  1. Frozen yogurt, moreso than ice cream. I made a batch of raspberry frozen yogurt, using my homemade yogurt (which I strained). Tart, refreshing, spot-on deliciousness!

    Burgers, too. Think I'll thaw some ground lamb and make lambburgers (with feta, served with cucumber-yogurt sauce) over the weekend.

    1. I crave typical picnic "sides" like potato salad and "kitchen sink" orzo salad which I make with orzos, feta, olives, balsamic and olive oil plus whatever other canned or fresh stuff I have like herbs, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, chickpeas, spinach... its basically whatevers about to start to turn plus orzos and feta. Its my staple potluck summer dish and, for some reason, I can eat it for weeks at a time (which I sometimes do since a box of orzos makes a LOT for one person to consume over time!)

      I also crave cold ricepudding, which I made the other day (I use a modified version of this recipe and add chunks of the ripest mango I can find after its cooled:

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      1. Gazpacho! And it's been a sad week for me because my blender is in a basement that isn't mine and there isn't anywhere nearby to get some. I think I'm going to have to retrieve that blender this weekend.

        1. I was thinking of posting the same question just a little bit ago!

          When the weather gets hot, I crave yogurt in all forms. During a heat wave last summer, I discovered a cold Persian yogurt soup recipe with tons of fresh herbs and toasted pita squares.
          Yesterday, I told my husband I was craving a lassi, so he made a "salty lassi" for me, which from what I can tell, was just yogurt beaten with some water and with a bit of salt, fresh cilantro, black pepper and chat masala. Yum. Very refreshing!

          1. I crave tomatoes. I've been making these heirloom tomatoe salads- dicing the tomatoes, adding my fancier olive oil, rough chopped basil and a good kick of maldon sea salt and eating it with EVERYTHING. In a less sophisticated turn, summer = chips. Particular favorites are french onion sun chips, sea salt and vinegar kettle chips, and hint of lime tostitos *shame*

            When it's really really hot, and NYC has been getting scorched, I also crave super spicy foods- firey red kimchi has been hitting the spot this summer, and I've been eating a lot of cold spicy ramen noodles.

            I also love a good arnold palmer to help beat the heat, a hendricks gimlet to unwind, and a perfect mojito to get things going again.