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Jul 6, 2010 03:02 PM

Its HOT outside...What to cook?

What do you crave.....what do you cook when it is hotter than Hades outside?

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  1. My appetite really wanes when it's so hot here in is great...beans...light protein stuff with Father in law said his cholesterol numbers dropped dramatically when he moved from Delaware to Florida years just don't want to eat heavy meat stews and roasts when it's so hot (well, maybe for most of us--if you're out mowing lawns or washing windows all day, it's probably another situation)...didn't Mark Bittman have a clever 100 easy summer dinners last year in the NYTimes? And I think someone here posted the link...tonight I'm probably having a corn tortilla, spread with my own refried beans, sprinkle of light cheese and salsa and romaine lettuce...that's IT!!
    Here's the Bittman article link:

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        Jen, your link and mine look exactly the same!

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          LOL I completely didn't even see the link you posted before I searched!

    1. Fast pasta dishes, well I always eat pasta, but fast and dirty when it's hot. Tonight is probably spaghetti I'll through green beans in with the pasta for the last couple minutes and toss the whole mess with pesto. Fresh tomato at the end. Leftovers get a glug of vinegar and spinach - tomorrows lunch.

      1. I usually take a day & suck it up & cook/grill things to last all week. Then it's one and done for using the stove/grill.

        I've been loving this summer grilled/roasted corn & black bean salad with lots of veggies and I just made one without beans, but with grilled zucchini. I also made a bunch of deviled eggs for snacking. Additionally, a bunch of cooked meats (pork in the crockpot, grilled burgers, London broil & chicken) so I can either eat cold or very lightly reheated.

        I also eat a salad every day for lunch and cucumbers/peppers + hummus is a favorite of mine. Cottage cheese with chopped tomatoes or chopped peaches/pineapple is also yummy & filling, but light.

        1. My husband measured the temp at 110 degrees on our front porch at 4:30 pm - official temp is 106.1 a bit down the street. No dispute that it's hot. We are fond of seashell pasta with tuna, mayo, onion, celery and green pepper. Served as cold as possible. With rye bread and butter. It's what my mama served on those dreadful hot days before a/c was common.

          For tomorrow, orzo with sundried tomatoes, feta, olives, some chopped chicken and a greek vinigarette. Maybe some green beans in it, too - chopped as small as the chicken. Probably no knead boule with butter to go with it ( I have kids, and if the dinner is no - go, they can fill up on bread and butter - hey it's hot!).

          I have cold watermelon and cantalope in the fridge to go with both.

          Thursday, the kids want coconut black beans and rice, something about the spice will cut the heat. I'll probably add some spicy chorizo to the beans.

          1. Gazpacho. It's light, cool and refreshing. Just made a batch yesterday. It makes a perfect lunch with a piece of crusty bread and some good Spanish cheese.

            Stay cool,