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Jul 6, 2010 02:28 PM

Lunch before show at Mann Center Saturday

Hi all,

Visiting Philly to see Furthur at the Mann Center on Saturday. We'll be in town for lunch Saturday and brunch Sunday. We're staying at Best Western Center City, but will have a car and can travel anywhere. Casual attire is a must. Any cuisine is fine.


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  1. I'd hit Reading Terminal Market for lunch on Saturday. This is what Philadelphia os all about and get a roast pork sandwich at DiNic's with provolone and brocccoli rabe. Lots to choose from in the market so you should check some of the other threads for what's best.

    For brunch Sunday, Amis is very good or you could go to a place like Sabrina's or Parc.

    1. The Reading Terminal Market is great fun - and delicious. Parking is difficult, but you can easily hop a bus from the Best Western. It's at 12th and Arch.
      If you don't get there, close walking distance is Jack's Firehouse on Fairmount Avenue.
      I had a lovely lunch there recently and I see by their website that they have brunch on Saturday and Sunday.
      Casual attire is what's in these days - you don't need to be dressed up anywhere.

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        RTM actually has validated parking at the garage across the street for $4 with a $10 purchase and I have always been able to find a parking place but I get there on the early side. You could also hop on Phlash, the tourist bus, along the Parkway and explore that way.

      2. Zavino, for casual wine and fine pizza