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Jul 6, 2010 02:23 PM

Food by PBCC Lake Worth

Im taking class at night in the Lake Worth Area, and looking for places to grab a good bite. besides T.A.C and Little havana, any other recommendations for a good place to grab a quick bite?

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  1. Hi,Samin SFL
    Try Sheila's Famous, In Lake Worh @ S.Dixie & 12th Ave.S. 1 Light south of 6th ave. on east side of street. The food is great!!!!! 561-951-2723

    1. You might want to try Russo's subs the one military just north of forest hill is probably closest to PBCC really great sub and a Palm beach county tradition
      Great bread by BTW makes the sub something special
      They have been in business since 1948-9 family owned they are doing it right
      I would order the russo's sub off the menu it is what made them famous

      Russo's Submarine Sandwich Shop
      1477 S Military Trl, West Palm Beach, FL 33415

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      1. re: pikiliz

        Looking forward to trying Russo's for sure. and I forgot that Sheila's is really close, that is definetely on my hit list. Thanks!

        1. re: SaminSFL

          Not too far west from PBCC is LA GRANJA PERUVIAN 4840 Lake Worth Rd., Green Acres FL. You walk up to the counter, order beef or chicken or pork, then wait for your order to be called. Good grilled meats with Peruvian side dishes

          1. re: CJT

            Absolutely delicious chicken. Sadly, the place is very bare bones. Real good for take out. Don't miss the sauces (I liked the green one the best).