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Jul 6, 2010 02:07 PM

ISO restaurant/neighborhood recs for 3-day business trip

Six people from my office are travelling to Miami at the end of August for a 3-day business trip, and I was hoping to get recommendations for individual restaurants or (ideally) a neighborhood where we could find three or four good restaurants for lunch or dinner (and maybe some places to grab a quick breakfast) within walking distance of a decent hotel.

Here are our parameters:
No dietary restrictions
Need to keep breakfast and lunch (combined) under $30ish per person
Dinners can go up to $40-$50 per person including drinks
Hoping for at least one Cuban restaurant in the mix, more would be great, or anything else with a local flavor
If possible, hoping to find dinner options that aren't too loud, where we could hang out at a table for an hour or so without causing trouble--we usually hold informal debrief sessions over dinner

Our junior staff members have been lobbying heavily for Miami Beach, but my concern is that we'd be paying a lot for the location and wouldn't get as much for our money in terms of food or hotel in that part of town. (Feel free to correct me if this is a false assumption.) Boring old people like myself are mainly looking for good restaurants within a short walk and maybe an interesting neighborhood to wander around in the morning/evening (we'll be stuck in meetings all day). Our meetings are all over Miami so there's no one location that's ideal.

Thanks in advance!

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    If you get to eat here it will be a treat you will remember not for decor or fancy stuff ,but for amazing dishes that only will expand your mind about Latin flavours
    my rec's
    Mofongo with Seafood (Shrimp, Octopus, Conch & Fish
    )*Mofongo Marinero (Camarones, Pulpo, Carrucho y Pescado) Only Lg. $24.95

    Mofongo with fried pork chunks
    *Mofongo con carne de cerdo frita Sm. $12.95 Lg. $15.95

    Chunks of snapper scampi (Sauté in garlic & butter)
    6-7 Trozos de pargo al ajillo $17.95

    Chunks of snapper creole (Sauté in tomato sauce, parsley & wine sauce)
    6-7 Trozos de pargo enchilados $18.95

    Mango/Guava cheesecake / Cheesecake de Mango y Guayaba $3.95
    and for apps be carful the mofongo is very filling share apps
    2 Codfish fritters / Frituras de bacalao $2.95
    1 Ground beef wrap in a ripe plantain strip / Pionono $2.95
    12 Corn sticks with "mayo-ketchup" dip / Sorullos de maíz con salsa
    "mayo-ketchup" weird but good $3.25
    1 Octopus or Conch ceviche / Ceviche de Pulpo ó Carrucho $7.95
    and there is Joe's stone crab
    check times not open for lunch in the off season