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Jul 6, 2010 02:02 PM

Dietary Needs near Franklin Square

I'm planning on going to Franklin Square on 7/25 (Saturday) and need to find a restaurant somewhat close by if possible for dinner. My wife has a food intolerance (Candida) and therefore any place that is good with GF foods is ideal. It will be 4 adults and a 2 yr old. We are trying to find something not too pricey ($10 apps; $15-$20 entrees) if possible. We are trying to stay away from Mexican/Spanish.

Any suggestions?

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  1. How close? I don't know of any places in the immediate area that fit your requirements. Georgio's on Pine has a lot of GF options and it's pretty reasonable.

    Skip dessert and go to Capogiro at 13th and Sansom.

    1. I believe all of the Stephen Starr restaurants make it a point to accommodate GF requests. Jones is nearby, 7th and Chestnut.

      You may also try this blog for suggestions:

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        yeah i look at that blog alot. stephen starr could be a strong possibility. let me know if there are any other reasonable spots to go that could cater to a special diet.

        also, lemme clarify about location. it would be preferrable if it was close to FS, but anywhere in the philly area will be fine, as long as there is somewhat decent parking.


      2. I second Giorgio on Pine, especially for the price and if you want to keep it reasonable. For some reason, even when plan to go light at Starr restaurants, always seem to have a bit of sticker shock!
        The chef at Giorgio has really seemed to come into his own over the last year. Having said that, the two lesser dishes I had last year were the risotto and lingine with shrimp but i suspect that they have worked out the kinks and is better.(I know the owner and know he was going to take off if didn't get it right). I have been there many times recently, just haven't tried these two lately.