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Jul 6, 2010 01:56 PM

chocolate fondue fountain for wedding - dipper suggestions?

Need suggestions for items to dip into a chocolate fondue for a wedding this weekend. So far I have come up with strawberries, small cream puffs, marshmallows. Any suggestions? Also, any tips on how to tray the dippers would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance chowhounders!

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  1. Other hits I've seen include cubes of pound cake, madeleines, chunks of banana, chunks of pineapple and pretzels. I think just nicely arranging the dippers on platters is great. The tricky part is keeping everything neat!

    1. Pretzel sticks - love the salty/sweet thing! Pound cake, squares of cheesecake (may want to freeze them for stability), graham crackers, Oreo cookies.....

      If I think of any more, I'll post them.

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        ooh pretzel sticks that's a good one .... maybe i'll try the vanilla oreo cookies too. Keep the ideas coming ... for some reason i am having a mind block (I think due to stress:) Thanks so much ...

        1. Other than what's been mentioned: mandarin segments, and shortbread come to mind...

          1. The original comment has been removed