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Banh Mi rolls?

oliviasaru Jul 6, 2010 01:34 PM

I'm planning to make some tofu banh mi at home, but feel like a regular baguette would be too heavy. Where can one find proper Vietnamese rolls? I live in Jenkintown, so somewhere in the Adams Avenue corridor would be great. Ooh, or maybe I should try Paris Baguette at the H Mart in Cheltenham? (Maybe I'll head over there now, come to think of it.) Any recommendations are appreciated!

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    Meann RE: oliviasaru Jul 6, 2010 05:41 PM

    The ones we get down in South Philly use Sarcone's. We *are*" talking a "Vietnamese hoagie" here.

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    1. re: Meann
      barryg RE: Meann Jul 6, 2010 06:14 PM

      Which Banh Mi shops use Sarcone's?

    2. AgentRed RE: oliviasaru Jul 6, 2010 06:44 PM

      Yea in Philly aren't hoagie rolls/thin baguettes just the same as Banh Mi rolls? Of course in Vietnam they're different but I'd be willing to bet that the BM shops in Philly buy the same bread from the same place that hoagie stores do.

      I saw this quote on unbreaded.com about Q T sandwiches in Chinatown (who make one of the best banh mi's in the city)

      "...Having tried all of the local bread producers, Annie settled on a bakery in New Jersey whose rolls are crispy, soft, and “not too bready.”..."

      It sounds like she just tried different hoagie rolls until she found one she liked, you should try doing the same. In fact you could make a blog about it, if nothing else you have an excuse to eat lots of expiremental banh mi's!

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      1. re: AgentRed
        Philly Ray RE: AgentRed Jul 6, 2010 07:15 PM

        I'm pretty sure that O Sandwiches bakes their own bread on site.

        1. re: Philly Ray
          barryg RE: Philly Ray Jul 6, 2010 07:30 PM

          They do, and so does Ba Le. Sampan gets their Banh Mi roles there.

          1. re: barryg
            Philly Ray RE: barryg Jul 6, 2010 07:49 PM

            It really is a different type of roll than an Italian roll. On somewhat of a tangent, I tried the small rolls from Artisan Boulanger Patissier last week and really enjoyed them.

            1. re: Philly Ray
              AgentRed RE: Philly Ray Jul 7, 2010 09:24 PM

              I totally agree that authentic Vietnamese rolls are different, but I'm guessing that a lot of places use a normal hoagie roll anyway. Like I would bet the house that Fu Wah in West Philly uses normal hoagie bread (I eat there like twice a week), as do some of the smaller places. Not everywhere has the resources to bake their own like O or order in from a (presumably more expensive) specialty bakery.

              In fact, I just remembered this banh mi map:


              Which says that Fu Wah uses a hoagie roll, Sampan uses Artisan Boulanger bread, and Ba Le makes their own French bread. Anyway, I hope someone finds that map useful if they haven't seen it before.

              Fu Wah
              1871 S Olden Ave, Trenton, NJ 08610

              1. re: AgentRed
                Boognish RE: AgentRed Jul 8, 2010 09:36 AM

                In Vietnam, the baguettes have a certain percentage of rice flour added which lightens the dough. Makes them crunchy and light. FYI. Not sure if anyone's doing that around Philly.

      2. paychecktoday RE: oliviasaru Jul 7, 2010 09:07 AM

        There is a vietnamese roll place right off of washington ave (not on washington), either a block or 2 away from giordano's in the italian market. that is where every vietnamese person i know gets their banh mi rolls

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        1. re: paychecktoday
          Bigley9 RE: paychecktoday Jul 7, 2010 12:00 PM

          I think you are talking about O Sandwiches. They do make their own rolls and sell them plain to anyonewho asks. They are quite different from Sarcones (which I love, but not for my Bahn Mi!)

          1. re: Bigley9
            paychecktoday RE: Bigley9 Jul 7, 2010 01:30 PM

            i dont think it was O, as it was going towards the other way i believe. i havent been there in years so i could be wrong. it was only a bakery (at least the last time i was there) and only sold baked goods (french baguettes, rolls, etc)

            i believe around the 7th and passyunk area (by napoli pizza)?

            1. re: paychecktoday
              Bigley9 RE: paychecktoday Jul 7, 2010 01:58 PM

              oh - the place on the point - I don't think it is still there...

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