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Batch Ice Cream

I recently discovered a brand of locally made ice cream (from JP) called Batch. The salted caramel ice cream is amazing. batchicecream.com Has anyone tried other flavors of theirs?

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  1. Hmmm....I've never heard of it. Where did you get it?

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      Saw it at Savenor's market in Somerville

    2. Cool. I like their blog. Unfortunately the stores they sell from are off my beaten path but maybe one day I'll get around to trying the salted caramel, which sounds amazing.

      1. Sounds like progress! Wish we had more small-scale ice cream places. Have to admit that their flavors seem too unimaginative at the moment to make me rush to go out of the way for them (salted caramel seems like a step behind yesterday's bacon chocolate?). But do they rotate in other flavors other than the ones on the website?

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          Batch is locally made in JP. Sold in South End Formaggio and i'm sure some other places. Flavors are not that obscure, but the ice cream is pretty good. I tried the salted caramel and I did like it, but I have to admit, for $8/pint, it didn't knock my socks off. The best part was the little hardened ribbons of caramel running through the ice cream....mmmm...I thought the ice cream itself was just ok, but perhaps I am spoiled by Toscanini's burnt caramel --which I feel just explodes with flavor every time you put some on a spoon (and into your mouth...) BATCH's salted caramel...definitely not an "explosion.." Haven't run out to try to other flavors and honestly probably won't. Though i will say I love the fact that they are local, use such fresh ingredients, really cool packaging, etc. But.....it still comes down to taste, and whether the ice cream really rocks my world. Not so much in this case.

          South End Formaggio
          268 Shawmut Ave, Boston, MA 02118

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            That Toscanini's burnt caramel is one of my favorite flavors evar. May give this Batch stuff a try, but it sounds like it doesn't have the interesting bitterness of Tosci's. I finally went to the Shake Shack yesterday, and had a salted caramel (flavor of the day) shake. Man, was that good. Does anyone know if it compares flavor-wise with Batch? If so, I'm really gonna hunt some down and make a shake out of it.

        2. The chocolate and cinnamon one is pretty good- delicate shards of both laced throughout the icecream. FYI- they sell it at the farmer's market in Fenway for 2 bucks cheaper than formaggio kitchen.

          1. I tried their salted caramel and their vanilla. As a couple of others have said on this thread, the flavors don't blow you away. They're nice, but not strong. There was a discussion recently of the more expensive (very) Jeni's ice cream. Jeni's salted caramel is much more intense, with a haunting, lingering flavor that Batch lacks. I've also had better salted caramel at a price point similar to Batch's in New York. Batch ice cream is thin, not as creamy as other top quality ice creams. The ingredients (all natural, no gums or stabilizers) include nonfat milk. You can taste it.

            1. Haven't tried Batch, but was just this today lamenting the lack of a really innovative ice cream shop in Boston after having been to Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream company in Portland (ME) over the weekend. Mt. Desert has a salted caramel to die for, along with a Thai-peanut-chili flavor that is incredible, and a great selection of awesome fruit sorbets---I had the nectarine prosecco flavor. I would like to have tried even more flavors. The consistency was more gelato-like than, say, Toscanini's or Christina's or JP Licks, which all tend toward a very-hard serve. Mt. Desert's website says they churn much less air into the product for a denser texture (i.e. gelato-like). I know Tosci's and Christina's have some interesting flavors, but they aren't really taking any risks, ala Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco (haven't been, but just read the New York Times mag piece last weekend).

              1. Just got the vanilla at City Feed last night and I LOVED it. It was like a frozen custard, a little eggy and not too sweet.

                1. Finally got to try some Batch ice cream, which I found at Sherman Market in Union Square. Got the salted caramel and I agree with others that it's really *not* a home-run. For one, it's just not salty enough! I did enjoy the texture and consistency---nice and smooth, rich enough but not too rich. I'm going to have to try Jeni's, or make my own next time. Does Batch have any real flavor stand-outs?

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                    FYI I tried sprinkling some fleur de sel on Batch's salted caramel ice cream and it really elevated it. Clearly all they need to do is add some more high-quality salt to the mix for a big improvement.

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                      I agree, I really wanted to like the salted caramel more but it fell short--not salty enough or caramel-y enough. If I was given this in a blind taste test, I would have gone with burnt sugar.

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                        It is more like a dulce de leche flavor, in my opinion, than truly a salted caramel.
                        And yeah, at $8 a pint it needs to blow me away; I tried the salted caramel, thought it was ok but nothing special, and haven't been inspired to spend another $8 on another just "ok" pint.
                        Don't get me wrong, I think the philosophy is great --a local company with ice cream made here --local, fresh ingredients, ice cream without stabilizers, etc. And I'd pay a premium for all that stuff if I thought the ice cream tasted great --but...not so much.

                    2. The Whole Foods in Brighton is selling Batch. They had a few flavors. I got the salted caramel. I think it's very good! I will try a little fleur de sel on it.
                      There was someone on the boards recently, looking for local ice cream without stabilizers. This ice cream has no stabilizers.

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                        i bought a pint of the salted caramel back in october or something. it's still in the freezer. i don't like it. as someone above mentioned, the flavor is extremely timid. if you think the burnt caramel at toscanini's is too assertive then maybe you'll like this. i'm sticking with toscanini's.

                        plus, yeah. $8 a pint. yikes.

                        1. re: autopi

                          I'm glad I now know that Batch is..."timid". That'll keep me from spending that kind of dough on a gazillion calories.

                          Also, has anyone tried this Blue Moon brand sorbet? Picked up some Apple Cider flavor, it was one of the most delicious frozen things I've ever had. Unbelievable flavor. Made in Vermont, I think.

                          1. re: Prav

                            I love the Blue Moon Grapefruit Campari flavor. The Batch price is down a buck, to $6.99. Purely an indulgence. I didn't find it as sweet as dulce le leche. I think it had more depth than the burnt caramel. With that, I only tasted burnt.