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Jul 6, 2010 01:04 PM

Girl and the goat?

I saw on the website that Stephanie Izard's restaurant opened. Has anyone been there yet? How was it? What are the price points like?


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  1. Which website would that be? This one,

    says nothing about being open and since it's her website I tend to believe it.

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    1. re: hoppy2468

      She tweeted on July 3 that it's about another week until they're open to the public.

      The restaurant has its own website at showing a sample menu but no prices.

    2. Doesn't seem to be open yet. But soon. Here's the most recent tweets:

      floors getting refinished at the goat today...looks like a warzone. hard to believe we were serving food here two days ago... 10:13 AM Jul 5th via web

      tonight we cook for real people (well my family who is all in town:)about a week till we are open to all! really must finish the menu today! 7:43 AM Jul 3rd via web

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      1. re: chicgail

        Bummer! A few days ago The Girl and The Goat website made it look like they were opened -- or at least in a soft opening -- which made me hopeful that they would be officially opened soon. Looks like she might have changed a few things on the site since then and added new info to her personal website.

        On the plus side I will just stick to the reservations I already have and am looking forward too.

        1. re: Disneyfreak

          They had a closed service for friends and family to help iron out kinks before the public opening. Chef Izard tweeted yesterday that the floors were being refinished, which is usually the last thing done in a construction project. Opening will probably be very soon.

        1. re: Coogles

          Got my reservation July 31. That'll give them a couple of weeks to tweak if need be.

          1. re: Coogles

            According to they took 700 reservations in the first HOUR (not all for day one).

            1. re: chicgail

              They have open reservations for tomorrow at 6. I was tempted to book it but am going out to dinner with the big dogs at our office and didn't feel comfortable going to a completely new restaurant.

          2. An old friend of mine went to the friends and family opener, and raved about it.

            1. They werent supposed to start taking reservations until 10am monday morning but I called at 915 anyways just hopping and was able to get an 815 reservation on friday but that was the earliest they had left. Hope its good and pretty excited. Whats good?