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Jul 6, 2010 12:53 PM

WHO has the smokiest meats ?

I just polished off a plate of Louie Mullers brisket i had in the freezer and it was fabulous....just as smokey and tasty as the day i bought it.

so it got me to thinkin......who in Central Texas has the smokiest meats?
what do ya think?
for me..... its all about the wet (fatty) smokiest brisket, ribs and links.


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  1. I must say, for somebody that just got here, what, two weeks ago, you've been busy. I'm mightily impressed!

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    1. re: Jaymes

      OH YEAH ! i have been LOL
      i am not a BBQ addict for nuthin !

      in search of the smokiest meats around..... LOVE the smoke !


      Order a brisket from this place. It will be shipped on Tuesday and delivered to you on Wednesday frozen. Thaw it in the fridge, then heat it in foil with a bit of water. You will then eat the best brisket in Texas (which means the world). You may have to take a package deal: a slab of spareribs and a bottle of sauce. You won't be disappointed in any of it.

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      1. re: waistedinkerrville

        i live here....... so i wont be ordering aything i can just drive over and get. ... but.....
        thanks for the suggestion about Snows.... i will make a point to get over there and get some.

        1. re: waistedinkerrville

          I've found that the best way to re-heat barbecue is to put it on the grill and give it about an hour of low indirect heat and plenty of smoke from whatever king of wood the place uses. the extra dose of smoke makes all teh difference.

          And Snow's brisket is really good, with the City Market running a close second. Kruez' may be the smokiest, but it isn't nearly as tender.

          City Market
          633 E Davis St, Luling, TX 78648

          1. re: dcbbq

            I had Kruez a few days ago and was very disappointed. i must have caught them on an off day. i'll try them again sometime.
            i should get down to Luling and get some brisket from city market. its been a while since i have had any. as i recall it was pretty good.
            tomorrow might be a good day when i am doing my grocery shopping.... i can pop in for a quick half pound to go..... and a half of their sausage as well.
            thanks for reminding me.

            1. re: BBQaddict

              I, too, have been disappointed the last few times I've been to Kreuz Market. But others continue to wax rhapsodic about it, so I daren't completely write it off of my list. It's possible that I just got an off day, or an off brisket, or an off something else - albiet several times.

              But recently, when I make the trek over to Lockhart, I've just hit Smitty's and Black's. Perhaps Kreuz is putting out wonderful brisket and I'm missing it, but I'm still getting plenty of terrific barbecue, so I don't worry about skipping Kreuz too much.

              Besides that, I am totally and completely on Team Sister.

              You go, girl.

        2. For me, the best, smokiest brisket is from Black's BBQ in Lockhart. Four generations of my family have been eating there. Kreuz is good, but the smoke ring on the brisket at Blacks is much bigger and tastes much better. You can order online as well.

          1. My BBQ is totally the smokiest meats! I have seen so frustrated around the Tyler area.....all of the BBQ has no smoke.........and tough! I have a very generous smoke ring....smoked with mesquite for at least 6-8 hours...then ....opps.....better not tell!! family keeps telling me that I need to open a BBQ place