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Jul 6, 2010 12:32 PM

Fave summertime treats--KC

I've been daydreaming about kakigori at One Bite today. http://www.onebitegrill.com/JG/Menu9.htm It must be the humidity, 'cause it's not that hot out, actually.

What are some of your faves?

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  1. A chocolate shake from LC's Hamburgers (north of the river).

    Salted pretzel ice cream from Christopher Elbow's Glacé.


    1. My kids love the ice cream at One BIte. Mango and green tea, I think.
      They also like the churros at Palateria Chihuahua on Kansas Ave. Lots of frozen treats there too.

      I have an anti-sweet tooth and pass on sweet stuff.

      1. My latest obsession is Fresher than Fresh Snow Cones. My favorite flavors are blackberry lavendar and pineapple serrano.

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          I keep meaning to catch her where is it, at 17th and Summit on Fridays? I never seem to remember...which clearly means I need to schedule it like an appointment! Oh, much better than the doctor's office, I'm sure.

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            She is in the garden at 17th and Summit on Sundays - on other days she is at various locations around the city. If you follow her on Facebook or if you go to her site she posts where she will be.

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              had the lemon prickly pear snow cone yesterday - soooo refreshing.

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            Yeah, they are amazing! Definitely follow her on FB... they do the First Fridays, but then she posts about other locations throughout the summer weekends too. We tried to get her at PV VillageFest this year, but I think it didn't work out due to vendor fees and logistics... hopefully next year!

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              We had some at a little craft fair in Westport. Very yummy - I think I had watermelon & basil. Fantastic!

            2. I had the Fleur de Sel ice cream with Venezuelan chocolate spice at Glace yesterday. So delicious on an incredibly hot day.

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                I had salted pretzel and strawberry sour cream on Monday. The salted pretzel was delicious and rich - IDK if I could eat an entire small of salted pretzed. The strawberry was a nice balance.

                I think my favorite combination has been pineapple cilantro sorbet with peach prosecco.

                Others I've tried: lavendar with mint chocolate, fleur de sel with Venezuelan dark chocolate, goat cheese and honey with toasted coconut, peanut butter and jelly, farmer Bob's sweet corn.

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                  I like their Salted pretzel. DH just gets vanilla or Blueberry - he loves the blueberry. I dont' do fruit in ice creams, but another friend liked the peach

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                    I tried the caramelized peach last night, so good! Highly recommended, as well as the balsamic strawberry, salted pretzel, and caramel pecan. My mom loves the venezualan chocolate and bananas foster.

                    1. re: amyzan

                      I thought the Fleur de sel Caramel & Goat Cheese w/ Honey combo was divine.

                      My husband loved the Blueberry Cream Cheese.

                      The kids thought the Fresh Mint Chip was the "BEST EVER"! I'm not a big fan of mint - but I have to admit - it was pretty darn tasty.

                      Can't wait to try some other flavors - I think I'll be making up some reasons to go to the Plaza.

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                    Can't wait to try Glace'! Christopher Elbow has a store in San Francisco but no ice cream.

                    How liberal is the sampling policy?

                    Glace Artisan Ice Cream
                    4960 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64112

                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                      My 70 year old mother has tried nearly every flavor, several at a time per visit. They don't bat an eye, and are gracious about it, in our experience, though you may get a toe tapper behind you!

                      1. re: amyzan

                        Thank you, that's good to hear. Yes, I'm that annoying person ahead of you in line who taste tests flavors until the scooper's patience gives out.

                        1. re: amyzan

                          It’s National Ice Cream Month and high time that I got around to posting about my May 22 visit to Glacé. This was in a cool (in more ways than one!) neighborhood and as expected, the store itself was so tastefully designed.

                          I let the young children waiting their turn go ahead of me so that I wouldn’t feel guilty sampling so many flavors from this case.

                          But as it turned out, I restrained myself and only tasted four flavors before ordering: Roasted beet & goat cheese, Orange pekoe, Salted pretzel, and Fleur de sel caramel. The beet and cheese ice cream is the one toward the right of the photo with the mostly pink interspersed cream colored patches. The ice cream’s kept at quite a cold temperature and has a light, non-gummy texture on the tongue. More for chewing than licking, but in the heat of the day, not a bad thing. I liked the judicious hand with sweetening and the subtlety of the flavor blends.

                          My cup looked vanilla and chocolate, no? Not quite. That's Salty Pretzel in white. And the dark is not any ol' chocolate, rather Venezuelan Spicy Chocolate. Indoors in the air-conditioned store, the very cold ice cream did not melt at all and the fluffy almost frothy texture shows clearly in this close-up.

                          I’m really glad I had the chance to try Elbow’s ice cream. The subtle, filigreed flavors and light sweetness match the chocolatier’s confection style. The texture was unlike any ice cream I’ve had before. Also the new store at 119th and Roe in Leawood is almost ready and due to open the end of August.

                          Glace Artisan Ice Cream
                          4960 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64112

                    2. You've all already mentioned some of my favorites. The one I've been thinking about lately is the vodka strawberry limeade at Justus... so good!

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                        I so wish he wasn't so far north, because his bartender is just inspired!

                        1. re: amyzan

                          I know, we live in SW JOCO and it is a hike to get to Justus. I know if he had a closer location we would be there all the time.

                          1. re: amy_rc

                            Read in the Pitch that Jonathan Justus may open a restaurant downtown so you might just get your wish. Cannot get the hyperlink to work.