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Jul 6, 2010 12:15 PM

Shane Ingram's ONE set to open soon in Meadowmont in Chapel Hill

The website seems set and the menu (or some part of it) is up without prices, but estimate Four Square prices. Sounds yummy!

Four Square Restaurant
2701 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, NC 27707

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  1. Grand Opening this week on Tuesday July 13th.

      1. re: eclaire

        Don't know. They had a grand opening on Tues. I imagine some people on this board have been or maybe at New and Observer, but no reports yet. The menu like I said looks really good and different for the immediate area of Chapel Hill.

        1. re: burgeoningfoodie

          We went to One tonight. It was very good. They made many more hits than misses which says a lot for a new place. Quite reasonable, too. Our party of 4 got out of there for $150 and had apps, mains, drinks and 2 desserts.

          Too much to do to type an in-depth review tonight. Perhaps later this weekend...

          1. re: Tom from Raleigh

            Great to hear. As I've said before, the menu options look yummy and it seems he's got one of the larger options of desserts around.

            1. re: burgeoningfoodie

              The desserts were especially interesting. We ordered the Milk Chocolate Caramel tart. This was like a mix between caramel and fudge, served with peanut butter powder and a shot glass filled with foamy peanut butter liquid on the side. We felt the goat milk cheese cake was among the top desserts we've had recently. They served the the cheesecake portion without a crust in a glass. The thinner liquid was on top with the thicker elements on the bottom. They had a rosemary pastry on the side that imparted the crust sensation. The rosemary, blackberry and tartness from the cheesecake really came together well. I'm not doing the dish , but trust me it's a real winner.

              1. re: Tom from Raleigh

                I'm guessing wha tyou meant to say is that you aren't doing the dish justice. I'm glad to hear that someone is being a bit creative and that it seems things are firing on almost all cylinders. I just hope when he starts doing lunch and all that he doesn't wear himself thin. I think it would be better if he was a dinner only restaurant, but that is just my opinion.

        2. On a spur of the moment decision, I convinced my gf to come with me to One as we had planned to go (possibly with others) on Thursday. I had really been looking forward to trying this restaurant based on the menu and the chef in charge. We saw there was a reservation spot open for 7:30, but ignored it and walked in at 7pm.

          First I must say that I don't know what was in the space beforehand or rather I don't know what it looked like beforehand, but it is now very sleek, chic and metropolitan. It does a good job of making you feel like you are in a big city. I likened to the way you may feel walking into Revolution, but whereas Revolution is very bright and lights of whites and silvers, One is very dark with lots of greys, blacks, whites and silvers. This isn't meant in a bad way and adds to my thoughts this space should be a dinner only type of place. Immediately entering you will probably behold the wine wall. What is a wine cellar wall that wraps around the left hand side (leading to the drink bar area). If that doesn't grab your attention, perhaps it is due to the completely open kitchen which is a performance to behold in and of itself. I think it is a good use of the space and seeing how many burners they had going on it should keep the kitchen cool. The poor pastry chefs area is rather tiny or so it seemed. I digress.

          We were greeted by a host and hostess who asked how many and if we had reservations. Though most of the tables were empty, they assured us that reservations would be coming in to fill them shortly and he wasn't kidding. He opted for us to dine at the drink bar, which has a lovely dining area of its own and several screens, or at the food bar, a wooden bar running the length of the open kitchen with a neon blue light underneath (think about customized cars that have the blue glow on the bottom). We chose the food bar and were promptly seated and given water. There are more TVs on the far side of the main dining room that show whats going on in the kitchen. Our main server greeted us and handed us menus and soon afterwords another server brought our the wine list on an iPad.

          Being part of the Weight Watcher crowed, we browsed the menu before hand and knew what we wanted (though I'm indecisive sometimes about such things). It took awhile before our server returned and in the meantime, we were served a crisp focaccia and some oil and vinegar. This was alright nothing extraordinary as far as bread goes or oil/vinegar. I did notice that a table behind us was served a seeded yeast bread that was spotted on the far counter. I'm not sure if that is something that has to be requested or not. Our water was refilled often and when our server did return we placed our orders as follows:

          Gf - Grilled Asparagus and Citrus-Poached Shrimp Salad over an iceberg wedge with a miso-honey-bacon vinaigrette

          Me - Started with the Grilled Ostrich Kielbasa with pickled red cabbage slaw and whole grain mustard. (couldn't resist having heard such good things about Ostrich) My girlfriend tried some of mine and we both really liked the flavor of the bird and also that the cabbage slaw was sweet and tangy as opposed to sauerkraut

          My main was a swordfish (it is not the one listed on the online menu currently) as it was served with sprout/rice type of mixture sort of like a pilaf.

          Now I must say that the food service was very very slow. We entered the restaurant at 7:07 and didn't get our main dishes until about 8:20pm. The open kitchen has its ups and downs. The down being we ccould see them make my gf salad and then just have it sit there until they finally made my dish (while other dishes were being made and shipped off). Thankfully they cooked the asparagus in a way that kept it crisp. The other downside to being at the foodbar is you are painfully obvious to not only when you dish is made but if it has sat under a hot lamp or if it went right out. Not a big deal to me unless it could promote bacteria or something. My last gripe about the kitchen. No gloves.. on anyone. The salad worker would reach into say a can of peaches and just dump them on the salad. It was a bit unsanitary I think. Digressing again..

          We enjoyed our food they were all tasty and we then had dessert. The Cheescake that Tom had and his description of it was intriguing enough to follow suit. It does come in the same glass (I think) that they serve water in. On top is a foam sprinkled with a graham cracker that has been pulverized into dust, next layer is a cream layer that tastes a bit like ginger bread (to me), then the gelee which tastes like raspberry and finally the cheesecake which had a very light flavor unlike the pronounced flavor a cheesecake made with cream cheese.

          Granted the restaurant was only open for 17 days when we went, it was doing quite well. Between the 2 of us it was about 50 bucks. I hope that it continues to solidify and that the servers become a bit better at their attentiveness and it doesn't get more chaotic. It is definitely a beautiful spot to me and we like that it offers something different than other restaurants and what was once a barren food area between Southpoint and Franklin St.

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          1. re: burgeoningfoodie

            "The salad worker would reach into say a can of peaches and just dump them on the salad. It was a bit unsanitary I think"

            Wow, my problem is not with reaching into a can of peaches, but that they would use canned peaches in the middle of peach season in North Carolina, at least not at what they are charging.

            1. re: chazzer

              I thought the same thing. Sort of surprising at this price range.

              I'm also a bit put off by how long it took bf to get his food. An hour and 15 minutes for the entrees, when they're drinking water? I can see it if people have made it clear they want to sit and enjoy their wine or something, but otherwise it seems like an awfully long wait. And personally, and this is just a pet peeve of mine, I'd be spitting nails if I saw my salad just sitting for that long under a heat lamp.

              Good report bf. Anyone else have timing issues like this?

              1. re: chazzer

                Well I'm not saying they weren't fresh peaches cut up or that they were even peaches. I'm just giving an example.. like he couldn't use a utensil or wear gloves? He's the salad guy. He wasn't working the knife a whole lot.

                I should also clarify that the salad didn't sit under a heated lamp. The problem is that the way the kitchen is set up.. people that aren't at a station are running amok. Shane was working like a dog and I have much respect to everyone for trying to get their orders out in a timely manner.

                There was some big wig family behind us and I swear if they had gotten their food before us... my gf and I would have given our two cents worth and left. I understand that after some time there will be regulars who may get preferential treatment (which still sucks), but anywho.. I think that at least in the first 2 months they should make it mandatory for a restaurant to include customer satisfaction cards. We were both hoping their would be one.

                1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                  I hope that time helps smooth out the running amok thing - usually does.

                  1. re: LulusMom

                    We were surprised by how smoothly things ran for us, but then we're early eaters and get 5:30 reservations, so the degree of difficulty is pretty low.

                    1. re: Tom from Raleigh

                      That's good news. Because I like to be able to put Lulu to bed on babysitter nights, we eat really early too.

                      1. re: LulusMom

                        well the next time I suggest a meet up there I can do 5:30. Just thought that for the majority of people a later time would work better. Maybe we can do a 5:30 meet up on a weekend.

            2. Bump. Any recent reports on this place? Anyone been?

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                1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                  Good point. I would love to hear recent news on either one.