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Jul 6, 2010 12:12 PM

Worthwhile drinking establishments - Hong Kong

Seems I am constantly posting on here asking questions, I will offer feedback on return. As well as good eating I am also looking for good place to drink, I would love a cocktail place with amazing views, a beer recommendation (East End Brewery worth a visit?) and anywhere else people think worth tracking down, if it has a happy hour then all the better!

Thanks in advance, really appreciate the feedback, if needs moving to a different thread please let me know, happy to do so

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  1. Two places that come to mind are ' Aqua' on top of 1 Peking Road. Great unobstructed view of the harbour and HK island. The fusion Japanese and Italian food in the restaurant is pretty interesting as well. Though a bit pricey and touristy.
    The other one is the 'Pink Giraffe' in the Sheraton. They offer interesting snacks to go with your drink that includes hand cut Spanish Serrano ham and freshly shucked oysters.

    1. I really liked Zuma's bar & lounge at the Landmark (Central) - some of the best cocktails in town:

      1. Sevva in the Prince Building

        Azure in Hotel LKF