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Jul 6, 2010 12:01 PM

Which one - Grace or Sidecar?

Trying to choose between these two for a casual weeknight dinner. Haven't been to either and have heard good things about both. Your thoughts?

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  1. Grace is definitely more sophisticated food, but at a higher price point than Sidecar. When I ate at Sidecar my predominant thought was "I could have made this at home" but it was done well.

    1. Sidecar has a great prix fixe during the's more casual than Grace.

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      1. re: MeMeMe

        Interesting because from the pics on their respective websites, I would have taken Grace to be the more casual of the two.

        1. re: millygirl

          I find Grace more upscale. Sidecar is more raucous with a great back patio.

          1. re: MeMeMe

            I love Sidecar! The back patio is so pretty, the food is solid, and the service is great. They are serious about cocktails, too. Never been to Grace, but Sidecar is a go-to spot for us, for sure. Has been for the past few years. Love their Sunday-Wednesday prix fixe! And the bread they put out is SO good.

      2. Sidecar would be my choice - lovely back patio, good people watching and great cocktails. Grace I agree is fancier. And for the money I really don't think the food is all that great. Sidecar is cheaper and the food is competent (although a tad unexciting).

          1. I agree with the above and would choose Sidecar (Grace has never really impressed me) And while yes the food is not super exciting it is well executed and always very tasty.

            My one complaint though is about the cocktails, they say they are serious about cocktail craft but I disagree. If you stick to the cocktail menu they are good, but anything outside of that they fall short. Just my observation.

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            1. re: Matt H

              Good, looks like I picked the correct one. We have reservations at Sidecar this evening. Looking forward to it. Hate the thought of cooking in this heat, even BBQ does not appeal. I'm ready for a cocktail.

              And I had heard that the flourless chocolate cake is very good. I already know for sure I'm having that :)

              1. re: millygirl

                Have been to both but went to Sidecar last night. The a/c was busted but they made sure to get all the reservations people on the patio. The food was mostly great. I had the Caesar salad and while most of them are usually overdressed, this one was a little too underdressed for my liking. Also the lettuce was a little warm and wilted but because I liked everything else so much, I am just going to chalk it up to the hot weather and stuff. I had the chicken and while I don't normally get chicken in restaurants (why get something you can do yourself) I get it here because they make it in a way that I could never do myself. We got a side of fries along with the prix fixe menu as the fish does not come with a starch and my mom really wanted one. Overall, excellent food with excellent service.

                Although, I have also been to Grace and have never been dissapointed; they are equally as delicious with gorgeous patios. It is just that the Sidecar mid-week fixed price menu is too good to pass up.

                1. re: Toronto Fastfoodie

                  I've been to both Grace and Sidecar in the last couple of months.

                  I just went to Grace last night for a large birthday party and was quite impressed with the food and service. They definitely has a unique menu offering for College Street. It has a modern family-style type of menu, served in a friendly and warm environment. I would definitely go to Grace over Sidecar based on my experience last night. The service was a little slow, but we were a large party, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. I think the food we had was not actually on the menu - but it was all good - pasta with snow peas done perfectly, bbq chicken and a really good vegetable side dish with a tempura battered ricotta cheese (that was the best thing by far). The dessert was actually good too - tiny scoops of ice cream that seamed homemade over warm brownie in a kitschy little tea cup with sprinkles on top. They did something that I haven't seen before - when we were done our family style dinner, they actually packed individual "doggy bags" for all the guests to take home...without anyone asking!!

                  Side Car is pretty good too, but it's really not that special at all. I'm not sure why everyone loves it so much. The food is predictable, but uninspiring generally. I wrote in another review, that the steak frites looked good - I didn't have them. I'd still go back, but not over Grace or something else.

                  Good luck...

                  College Street Bar
                  574 College St, Toronto, ON M6G1B3, CA