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Jul 6, 2010 12:01 PM

Food Souvenirs from South Africa (Johannesburg)


I'm going to be in Johannesburg at the end of July and was wondering if kindly chowhounders could point me in the direction of food souvenirs that I might be able to bring back. I have quite a lot of people i'd like to give a small souvenir to (close to 100),and so i thought even some unusual (to the U.S.) sweets, candies or snack items that travel well would be okay - although probably not wine. If these could be purchased at a supermarket it might be even better. I've thought about Rooibos tea and biltong (before I realised that meat products are prohibited from being brought into the U.S.),

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. There are koeksisters. Or perhaps easier would be a selection of dried fruit rolls eg apricot or mango. Here is a link to one such:

    1. The cadbury chocolates are particularly good. The dried fruit from woolworths is also a good idea if you are allowed to bring dried fruit back home. Alternatively, there is a make of spices called 'nice 'n spicy', they have packs with all the spices together with the recipe that you need to make a traditional cape curry or traditional South African pickled fish. They are very well packaged and are flat so easy to transport back. The website is or e-mail

      1. Thanks so much for these suggestions - they both sound great!

        1. As far as chocolate goes, Peppermint Crisp holds a special place in my heart. I used to pretend it was kryptonite when I was a kid...

          Agreed on the dried fruit - guava rolls are also great.

          Rusks are also a classic South African snack - either Ouma (the big brand) or other own-brand ones from Woolies, Pick n' Pay or Sandton Home Stores. They help you relive those crack-of-dawn breakfasts of strong coffee and dunked rusk before heading out to look for lions!

          1. Biltong. Its THE thing. You can get it in the joburg airport (basically beef jerky but in all sorts of flavors). Also, not really a souvenir but the best chocolate croissants ever (and Im comparing to one in Paris) are at Fournos. Again, there's a branch in the joburg airport and locations throughout the city!

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              Great to see the recommendation of Fournos' croissants, they are the best! Heaven to me is sitting at Fournos in Dunkeld on a Saturday morning and enjoying cofee and a croissant!

              (BTW I live in Jhb)