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Jul 6, 2010 11:43 AM

Where to find "steamer" clams??

When I was in Martha's Vineyard a couple of summers ago, steamer clams were on so many menus. They were simple and delicious. Now I know we're a long haul from the ocean, here in the T-dot, but are there any restaurants in the city serving clams prepared in this way? Steamed and served with melted butter? I've been craving them something fierce. I'd prefer restaurants that are downtown or in the west end, but my craving is serious enough that I'd travel a good ways for some delicious steamers.

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  1. Rodney's has them... diana's seafood also sometimes has some if you want to cook your own.

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    1. re: Pigurd

      Thanks!! I will definitely try Rodney's. I don't mind cooking my own, but I really want to go to a restaurant where they serve them!!!

      1. re: Sarah Cat

        Be sure to call ahead, they do not always have 'em in....enjoy!